Statement  by
Dr Naji  Sabri  al-Hadithi

 about the new American  lie


Dr. Naji Sabri al-Hadithi, legitimate Foreign Minister of Iraq (before occupation) made the following statement with regard to the false allegations broadcast recently by American TV network, NBC:

1.The allegations included in the this strange and faked story are totally baseless, false and fabricated.

2. The NBC has been one of the big American media, which had promoted the lies and fabrications cooked up by the US administration to deceive the American people and the whole world with a view to selling its colonial plan to invade and occupy Iraq.

After the lies of the non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the false link between Iraq and al-Qaeda, this faked story comes as yet another lie in the same context. One aim is to provide another false pretext to keep justifying the crime of the century, that is the US-led invasion of Iraq, dismembering of its state and fervent policy to plunge the Iraqi people, who rejected and are resisting the occupation, in bloodshed, chaos and deterioration into pre-state age.

3. It is also another petty attempt to distort the image of Iraqi patriotic leaders who stood and fought with honour and courageous commitment against the Anglo-American-Zionist plan to invade and occupy Iraq after placing it under total blockade for 13 years.

This distortion attempt is made now after the advocates of the colonial plan to invade and occupy Iraq had, for several years utterly failed to win over any Iraqi official, civilian or military, senior or junior, so as to make him betray his homeland and join them, i.e., the enemies of Iraq.

It seems that these US bodies have resorted to the old-new ploy, which colonial bodies had always adopted to distort the image of all patriotic and nationalist leaders who strongly stand against the schemes of these bodies.

4. NBC has recently asked in a blackmail manner to interview me.           But, I apologized and declined to receive its representative.

5. I challenge the NBC network to present a single evidence to prove its fabricated story. I would like also to say that I have already started legal consultations with specialized lawyers to sue this American network for its cheep , petty attempt to distort my reputation.

شبكة البصرة

الاحد 25 صفر 1427 / 26 آذار 2006

يرجى الاشارة الى شبكة البصرة عند اعادة النشر او الاقتباس