In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission
Unity, Freedom, Socialism

May the 22nd anniversary of the victory of Iraq on the Iranian aggression,

be an added incitement to decisively prevail again against the Occupiers and their tails.

Our hero people' sons and daughters!

Our glorious Arab nation sons and daughters

Heroes Mujahidin!


We celebrate today the twenty second anniversary of the victory of the 8th August 1988 when the proud Iraqis squashed the aggression of the Iranian' regime through 8 decisive years perfumed with the immaculate blood, and taught the Persian aggressors the bitterest of lessons in the battles of the Central and southern sectors, east of Basra, Mayssan, Hawiza marsh and the battles of the Great Harvest liberating Fao in 35 minutes from the Persian Occupation claws which gave the greatest hope towards liberating Palestine and every single Arab confiscated land. Indeed ! The Fao liberation battle was the first decisive battle in modern history to liberate an Arab land occupied for two years which was followed by the liberation of Majnun oil fields, Zubaidat etc.


The Arab second Qadissya was the fast and the greatest response against the bloodthirsty Iranian aggression which started the fourth of September 1980, targeting the Arab renaissance fort erected by the Baath 17th -30th greatest Revolution in Iraq. This made the Persian hatred against Iraq and the Arab Nation go berserk seeing what the Iraqis have achieved when confronting the Persian plans against Arabs throughout History and which goes back to the last six thousands years, and specially when Iraqis spread the Islamic faith and Arab civilization throughout pagan fire worshiper Persians.


From that very day the Persian hatred never ended and came again to the surface when the Persian Iranian racist expansionist regime collaborated by the the US occupation in Iraq to inherit its loathed occupation throughout US- Iranian complicities and mutual services rendering and which is ongoing right now at a high hysterical speed due to the blows of the Mujahid Iraqi Resistance which broke the back of the fleeing US occupiers army rabble which continue to cut and run from the Land of Iraq under the so called the withdrawal plan- for they shall be forced indeed to definitively flee before their scheduled plans exploiting the collapse of their imposed Intelligence political process, while their corrupt puppets in Baghdad are on rampage looting, quarrellings to stay in power and collaborating with Iran and the US.


While the Persian Iranian Mollah' regime tries hard to inherit the US occupation, the US occupiers feverishly try to impose their agents in Iraq to guarantee their interests and share their influence with the Persians exploiting the ugliest way possible, the prorogation of the so called government formation which has taken so far five months.. The US Occupiers and their Zion and Persian collaborators, think that they have still the ability to humiliate and mate the Iraqi people, and day dream to besiege the heroic Iraqi Resistance..


Glorious Iraqis,

Glorious Iraqi women!

Free Arabs!


Go ahead with your epical Jihad, squash with might and hit the US occupiers bloodthirsty thugs and hit the Persian opportunists, get incitement and inspiration from the twenty second anniversary of the 8th August victory which will be indeed a shining beacon for a clear cut victory against the US occupiers and abort the US-Iranian wicked plans in their egg. Yes! the Iraqis, the second Arab Qadissya combatants are still holding the gun and defeating the Occupiers of any colors or kind!


Debased be the abased!

Long live Iraq and its heroic Resistance, the hope to liberate Palestine and every single Arab confiscated soil.

A salute of pride to the soul of the leader of the second Arab Qadissya, the Al Hajj great martyr Saddam Hussein, may the Lord have mercy on him.

The greeting of dignity and loyalty to the Commander of the Mujahideen, the high Commander of Jihad, and liberation comrade Mujahid Izzat al Duri!

Glory to our blessed martyrs throughout the militant life of the Party and the Nation and in particular the martyrs of glorious Saddam Qadissya.

Glory to the message of our Nation


Culture and information Bureau,

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

Baath statement 8th August 2010

Baghdad, in proud and triumphed Baghdad by the will of the Lord.


Translated by abu Assur

Original text in Arabic :

يان حزب البعث - قطر العراق 8/8/2010 : لتكن الذكرى 22 لانتصار العراق على العدوان الايراني حافزنا الإضافي لحسم نصرنا الجديد على المحتلين وأذنابهم