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[This is about how people in service are really treated.  Any resemblance between this report and the endless bullshit churned out by the happy fools of the mass media and the liars in the Pentagon is purely coincidental.  Have a little taste of reality.  T]


ArchAngel Reporting:

Sgt. Lampin Is Now

Mr. Lampin


“Since When Have We Known The Military To Tell The Truth?!!”


From: ArchAngel1BL@aol.com (USMC ret’d)

To: GI Special

Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 7:58 PM


Soldiers processing out that have returned from Iraq and had lost items, are being forced to purchase them despite the fact that the gear was lost during the time of war.


So not only are Soldiers not getting all the proper gear, and buying it for themselves, they are being forced to replace what gets lost or stolen.  It's only a matter of time before the Army starts charging Soldiers for getting their military vehicle that they are driving blown up and non-returnable.


From what all that I have been told since the return of my husband, I would like to stick my Marine boot up your, well you know!!!.


After reading all the letters that I had received from the command through the AG of Fort Polk, I know everything was a lie, but then again I already knew that.


Since when have we known the military to tell the truth?!!




It is official, my husband is out of the Army because of medical reasons that should have kept him from deploying for a second tour of OIF.


Just a reminder: my husband was found medically unfit for military service not only by his doctor, but also by a Pre-Deployment health assessment also known as SRP. 


According to it, under final medical disposition it says that he is Non-deployable and Med Board.


Then under comments it says permanent profile due to left knee arthritis has been referred to meb by orthopedic Dr.  After doing further research and after being contacted by a retired 1st Sgt in the US Army who has gone in front of congress to question why medically unfit Soldiers/Troops were being sent into war, I was told that at the end of the congressional, the 1st Sgt was promised by the Army Surgeon General that no longer will medically unfit Soldiers/Troops be sent into combat/environment.


This was back in 2003.  Yet, my husband was still forced to go despite having a permanent 3 medical profile.


After orthopedics noted on paper and a recording of my husband's doctor saying that if he was deployed it would only make his knee worse then what it would be, and that they did not recommend him to go, the command's decision to deploy him anyway, turned out to be a mistake.


What happened during the time he was there???


Not only did his left knee get worse, but now his right knee is giving him problems. 


Because of this, the fact that the doctors at the Abu Ghraib could not do anything for his pain, the fact that I was not going to give up fighting for my husbands return, and other combat reasons that occurred, the command of the 115th Field Hospital finally sent him home.


He did not come straight home, he had to be flown out of Iraq to Germany where a doctor there questioned why was he sent to Iraq with a P-3 med. profile, when he shouldn't have, and my husband told him what had happened, and all the doctor could say was that it was bull*&#@, and that the command was an idiot.


That he should have never been sent in the first place. Then after having to stay in Germany for a few days, he finally made it home on Nov. 2nd.


The following day, Tony had to report to the hospital for follow up etc.


He didn't get to see a doctor, but was told that he would be able to see one within a week, but was not able to see one until about after 1 month from returning from Iraq.


The nurse then asked him what all medications he was taken, and he told her that he was given 800mg Motrin, Percocet, and Viox.


When he showed me the medication, I noticed that it was given to him a week before it was removed from the shelf.  I asked him if the hospital contacted him and told him to stop taking it because of the side effects, and he said no.  Why didn't the doctors go to him and tell him to stop taking it after the warning came out?


It makes you wonder doesn't it?


Back to the doctors visit.


My husband told the doctor what was going on, and again, another doctor asked why he was sent, and again the same thing was said, that the command was wrong to deploy him.  The doctor wanted an x-ray of both the left and right knee, where it was determined that further damaged did occur to his left knee, and that his right knee was starting to deteriorate as well.


This was after his medical board processing started again, where it was stopped by the command back in June of 2004.


Here, we had found out by a Med. Board personal that again, Tony should not have been sent to Iraq with a P-3 profile.  I find it amazing that everyone that has seen his medical records, or has heard about it says this, but yet the command still forced him to go.


Anyway, my husband as of March 1st, is no longer a US Soldier, but there is more to the story then just his medical.


When my husband was told that he would be leaving Iraq for home, he had just 10 min. to pack his bags and get on the chopper.  He packed what he knew he needed to take with him, and had to leave what was left to be packed by a friend so that it would be mailed home as soon as it could.


Most of the gear that was left behind was his TA50 gear, and his gas mask w/ NBC chemical suit.


Now, let’s go back here for a second.


He left the base in Iraq late Oct. for Germany.


Was in Germany until the 1st of Nov.  That makes it about a week, give or take a day or two, since he left Iraq.  Was his gear bound for home during that time?  NO. 


From late Oct. to Jan. 19th, when he received his orders, his gear still had yet to arrive.


Both he and I questioned that why has the gear for Soldiers who returned weeks before him and weeks after him gotten their gear within 2 to 3 weeks time of leaving and yet his has still not arrived?


It's a good question, don't you think??


Anyway, he maintained contact with his CWO in Iraq wondering about where his gear was, and was told that it was sent before Christmas.


This was last month, and on Feb. 15th, some of the gear arrived and this is what it looked like when he got it, and when he emptied the contents.




His gear was supposed to have been sent in his duffel bag locked and secured.


Instead, his lock was cut, and his gear was mailed to him in this plastic box unsecured, and arrived well, you can see how it arrived.


Also, there was no inventory list inside to indicate what all was in the box.


One other little thing, the postage stamp was marked Jan. 25th.  So, there was no telling what all was in the box.  Which brings the question where is the other bag that was left behind with the last bit of remaining gear?


It has yet to arrive, and in it should have contained what remaining gear my husband had to turn in. 


But, because it did not arrive, the Army forced my husband to either pay the Army for what was missing or go out and buy it. 


What makes this a big deal, is that usually, the military will do a missing gear statement when it comes to gear missing during long field duties or in this case during time of war.


This way, the Soldier will get what gear is missing replaced.


But not in my husbands case.


He had to replace 1 canteen w/cover, 1ct 2qt. canteen w/cover, and a couple of other little things, that draws the question, why couldn't they replace these items?


Because, the gear that has yet to still arrive, CIF and the command is saying it is his fault that the gear is lost and that he had to purchase these items.


My husband wasn't the one that mailed the gear off, or that is if it was ever mailed off.


This not only happened to my husband, but from other sources.


Soldiers processing out that have returned from Iraq and had lost items, are being forced to purchase them despite the fact that the gear was lost during the time of war.


So not only are Soldiers not getting all the proper gear, and buying it for themselves, they are being forced to replace what gets lost or stolen.  It's only a matter of time before the Army starts charging Soldiers for getting their military vehicle that they are driving blown up and non-returnable. 


Now to what I want to say to the command of the 115th Field Hospital.


From what all that I have been told since the return of my husband, I would like to stick my Marine boot up your, well you know!!!.


After reading all the letters that I had received from the command through the AG of Fort Polk, I know everything was a lie, but then again I already knew that.


Since when have we known the military to tell the truth?!!


I found a good aerial photo of the Abu Ghraib during the time my husband was there, and from what was pointed out to me, the so called safety barriers that the command said was within a few steps away from where my husband was working was a flat out lie.


The only so called barriers that were mentioned, were the walls that went around the prison and the individual prison buildings that the prisoners were in.


The photo of the Prison was in the Nov. issue of Soldiers magazine. Heck if you read the GI Special yesterday, you read that the US may close Abu Ghraib Prison because of too many resistance attacks.


One of those attacks that happened while my husband was there, was another reason why they decided to send him home because if anything was to happen to him I would have a class action law suit.


Last but not least, just to tell you how desperate the command was to get me to shut up and close down my informers of medical issues, the command of the 115th and the command of the hospital at Fort Polk, went to the extreme of not allowing my husband's doctor to talk to me concerning his medical issues.


Every day for almost two weeks, I tried to get in touch with the doctor but always had to leave a message for him to call me back but my calls were never returned.


After my husband returned and was able to see him, my husband had found out that he, the doctor, was told not to talk to me.


If I am not mistaken, by law, since I had power of attorney, and the fact that I am my husband's wife, I had every right to find out everything that I can about my husband's medical condition.


So this all goes to show you that the Army will do anything and everything to keep their Soldiers no matter what, including breaking the law.  Guess what, I just proved that they can't keep them all.


I asked my husband now that he is out how did he feel?


He replied, "It feels good to be a civilian again, and if it wasn't for you, I would still be in Iraq working for a bunch of monkeys."


Also, I asked him if our children came to him and asked about how he would feel towards them joining the Military, he said, "I would do everything that I could to change their mind by telling them it's not worth the money or your life, and pray that they would listen to me." and "If they wanted to serve for their country they should become a police officer, border patrol, services such as these, that way they knew that they didn't have to join the military to serve for their country."


Another question I asked him was, after being a Soldier for just over 12 years what would you say about your military experience?


His reply, "I joined the military right after high school got out after my first four, then was in the reserves, then went back in because I had a family that I had to support and was getting no where with my civilian job.  I did get to experience a lot, but what made the Army suck was the people that I had to work with.  That is what made this tour along with my medical issues my last.


The funny thing about it all, is this.  I found that it was easy as pie to join, but when it came to getting out, there was more paper work and bull#$%@ to deal with.  If I could go back in time, I would tell myself at the time I was thinking about joining back up, that it wasn't worth it."


From the stories he told me while there at the Prison, there should be an investigation on the command for sending not only my husband but many others with medical issues that should have keep them from deploying including a Soldier with psychological problems that caused the Soldier to commit suicide.


Also we have heard the rumors that some of the Soldiers there have found a way to get out but will not say what they are because it is most certainly a wrong way to do it.


A lot of Soldiers in the 115th have been returned for many reasons and most of them where the medically unfit for service.


This goes to show you that the Army/command did not care about the Soldiers and their needs, they only cared about the numbers that they were taking to make them look good, but after all that has been redeployed back home how good do you think they look now.


I am ArchAngel1BL, and now that my husband is a free man, my fellow ArchAngels and I have been working hard to help others like my husband.


It's hard work, but we are here to help the best way we can. God Bless our Troops, and God Bless America!!!!



Archangel Reporting Another Request For Help


3)  I told him this was crap.  I told him I knew what was going on here.  That the Army was pulling stuff out of thin air to cover up their screw ups.  What did he say?  He said, Yes ma'am you are pretty much correct!!!


Below is a copy of an email that ArchAngel received from a Soldier and his wife:


I am writing to inform you of my husband’s situation…


He was a Field Artillery Officer (1LT).  He has fulfilled his eight year mandatory service obligation in June of 2003.  His DD214 and his Separation Orders show Reserve Obligation Term Date 26 June 2003.


In November of 2004, my husband received orders to report to Ft. Sill 14 Dec 2004.  We requested an exemption based on financial (he is the sole income to our family), and the fact that he was finished with his service obligation.  His request was denied.  We have filed an appeal.


We didn’t know what to base our appeal on since HRC, St. Louis would not tell us why we were denied.  We had to go based on the internet rumor, that since he had not resigned his commission he was still in the IRR!?


Unbelievable.  Literally.   I have asked countless people to tell me where it says in any AR or US Code that you have to resign your commission to get out of the IRR.  NOT ONE person can tell me where to find it…including the LT at HRC, St. Louis who presented our case to the Delay and Exemption board.


Below is a summary of the conversation I had with him two weeks ago…


I was furious today and as I am apt to do, I wanted to phone someone up and yell at them.  Today I chose the delay and exemption board.  We received and e-mail stating our exemption had been denied. No reason, justification or law given as the basis for the denial.  Just...denied.  I figured that we would receive a hard copy with the reasons for the denial.


We wouldn't receive it in time to help file our appeal but, we can add to the appeal up to a point.  Well, today we received the hard copy and nothing else.  Again, no justification for the denial.


Well, it is really hard to appeal something if you are not given a reason for the decision.  So, I called the phone number at the bottom of the memo.


It said questions and I had questions.  So, the first person I spoke with was a Sgt. XXXXX.  I told him the situation. 


We had not received any justification or reason for the denial.  Were we going to receive any more paperwork stating why we had been denied?  His response: NO.  Could he tell me why we were denied?  His response:  NO.  So, we are supposed to file an appeal based on what is rumored on the internet as the reason for our denial. Brilliant!  I swear to you...


I would say these people are retarded but, that would be an insult to retarded people. (And, I do not mean this in an ugly way to refer to handicap people.  I just use the word retarded for lack of a better word.)


So, I tell him I want to take the issue with the rumored reason for our denial i.e. my husband did not resign his commission.  He starts spewing the Army line...Ma'am your husband has to resign his commission or he remains eligible for recall. Well I start reading him reg after reg, contract, DD214, separation orders, etc. which all say differently.


I ask him what reg allows them to do this to us.  He can't tell me and transfers me to "his" officer... a LT XXXXXX.  We start all over.  I will try to shorten this since, I know it is dragging on.  But, let me hit the highlights.


1) Even though he, LT XXXXX, presented our case to the board (along with 1000 others, according to him) he doesn't know which reg. says my husband has to resign his commission or remain eligible for recall.  He will have to call me back.


2)  He point blank said, "Your husband has completed his mandatory service obligation.  He has "done his time."  He is not contractually obligated to us any longer.  He is statutorily obligated to us."  Huh?


3)  I told him this was crap.  I told him I knew what was going on here.  That the Army was pulling stuff out of thin air to cover up their screw ups.  What did he say?  He said, Yes ma'am you are pretty much correct!!!


4)  He did call me back with the reg that says my husband is statutorily obligated.  It was in the TRAINING regs!  Oh yeah that's where you usually put personnel/human resources related stuff.   On top of that it has to do with Active Duty officers and says nothing about resigning your commission.  It essentially did not apply to us at all!  So this is supposedly what was used to deny us the exemption.


Anyway, just letting you know what is going on down here.  Feel free to e-mail me back with questions.


We haven't gotten word yet on our appeal.  I expect we will this week.


At this time we haven't an update on this Soldier's IRR problem, but hope to hear from them soon.


ArchAngel is also waiting on some new information on Spc. Barron, and IRR Ron Pennington.  So be looking for another ArchAngel update.