The Political Committee
Mujahideen Central Command (MCC)
Baghdad The Republic of Iraq

 اللجنة السياسية
  القيادة الموحدة للمجاهدين
   بغداد - جمهورية العراق


(The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command)
 The 2nd of Rabia 1 1426 H, the 11 of April 2004 M


Communique No. 6   (Video, wmv)
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We salute our people and our great army!!
After we saw and read the details of contract srime of all centuries, and by the soles of our enemy’s boots, the traitors have signed with their own condemned hands, a document to commence the execution of our people and army equipment. This was carried out, for the revenge from old Babylon, revenge against the Iraqis who fought the Zionists in Palestine.
Revenge from the Hussain & Abbas Missiles which once struck the heart of today’s Zion!
And to achieve the highest rank in Treason & disgrace in History, they have given Stoffel, a document, signed and stamped. With the blessing of the Prime Minister & the minister of defense they have given Stoffel, who set a new a record over the past Laurence of Arabia, the hero of the English who tore the Arab world to shreds. For all the Weapons of the Arabs were in Iraq. And the only power that will one day bring the demise of Isreal, will be no other than Iraq!
Read this condemned document sent to the envoy of the Condemned House (White House)
Please refer to Exhibit 9
“ The Republic of Iraq
   Iraqi Ministry of Defense
   Reference 673
   President Dale C. Stoffel
   Wye Oak Technology
   Dear Stoffel
Wye Oak Technology is commissioned as the sole and exclusive agent for the recovery & sale of all Iraqi ministry of defense material described as scrap military equipment in the territory of Iraq. Related thereto, Wye Oak is also commissioned to inventory, asses and recover any such equipment it determines as recoverable foe the use or sale on behalf of the ministry of Defense of the Republic of Iraq. Wye Oak is free to pursue any outside assistance it deems necessary, domestic or foreign, in Wye Oak’s efforts with respect to such commission.
This program will be administered with the assistance and cooperation of the U.S. Army and all coalition partners as may be required by Law, statute or as described in the Exclusive Brokerage service agreement by and between Wye Oak Tech. And the Ministry of Defense of the republic of Iraq dated on or about August 4, 2004.
I, Mr. Bruska Noori Shaways, Secretary general of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense & the designated Iraqi Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Iraq, have full signatory authority on all matters with respect to the aforementioned contract and commission.
This letter has been executed in both English and Arabic and both versions may be equally relied upon.
Bruska N. Shaways
Secretary General,
Iraqi Ministry of Defense
Stamp of Ministry.    
What does Rafidan Say to this!
Rafidan says to the sons of Snakes, Why do your bones give out suck hatred, disgust, Poison, and boar fat?
For those who are traitors will never be equal to those who continue to resist!
The Iraqi resistance will not step aside and allow the hijacking of a Nation & it’s pride!
For Iraq, nor it’s History, nor was Rafidan were created for defeat!
The Political Committee

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