A message From an Iraqi female prisoner


Translated by Dijla Waheed


The albasrah .net has received the following letter (Please see the translation below) from an Iraqi female prisoner. We initially hesitated to publish this letter because we were not sure about its authenticity. However, the people who gave it to us were foreigners; who claimed to have had visited the Abu-Ghraib Prison which is located in the outskirt of Baghdad, have  insisted that they had got the letter from an Iraqi female prisoners and therefore we are doing our best to publish it on the albasrah.net


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


A message



To my family and all honest and honourable brothers in Al-Ramadi, Al-Khladia and Al- Falluja, and to all honourable people of the world, God’s peace is upon you.


God has said in his holy book (In the Name of Allah, Most gracious, Most Merciful)………


A message from your sister Noor, who is sitting, in the Jewish prison at Abu-Ghraib. I do not know where to begin, the pencil is standstill unable to express….. Shall I describe for you the hunger and you are eating, or shall I describe the thirst and you are drinking, or shall I describe the suffer of insomnia, sleeplessness and you are sleeping, or shall I describe for you our nakedness (nudity) and you are dressed. Brothers when we see your cars and trucks passing by, transporting building materials, and when we read the identity of your cars carrying the names of my people and my municipality I say my people and my brothers have sold their sister with their money (Dollars) but when I remember the honourable people I start crying for my situation. What shall I describe for you about what is happening to us around here, the mental suffering, the physical torture and the heavy handed beating which we try to endure just to keep our honour and keep the vows. Where are you our religious leaders? Have you forgotten the divine message which was carried by our Prophet Mohammed? Have you forgotten us for the sake of the Dinars paid for you by the Jewish? We shall bring you before God, we are your pledge in your necks and you are responsible before God for our destiny.


If this message falls in the hands of religious clerics who are afraid of Almighty God, it is their duty to read it to people from above of their pulpits. Remember that you once were looking at your sisters in Palestine. We are suffering a lot especially when we see the Jewish drinking alcohol and then rape us like wild animals. You honourable people, how often you gonna die?!! We are raped and tortured, our clothes are torn apart and we are hungry and our stomachs are empty, who is coming to rescue us?!!!


I do not want to say bye but before saying goodbye I would like to advice you to be afraid of God, our wombs are carrying the bastards of the sons of bitches.

Before saying goodbye I would like to ask the honourable people if you have weapon please kill us and kill all of them inside the prison. Please do that, please do that, please do that.

Your sister


Arabic Translation