Translated by Prof. Dr. Q. Al-Samarrai



To my own folk, to my own people in Ramadi, Khalidiyya and Falluja… to all the people of the world who endear their dignity and honour, is my appeal.


From the American- Zionist prison of Abu Ghraib, your very sister Nur sends you this letter but the question is: from where shall I start? By God I do not know how to describe to you the misery and the indignation in the prison; the hunger we suffer the humiliation we experience while you enjoy your meals to gluttony? Or the thirst while you drink as you please? Or the sleepless nights we are subjected to by our American prisoners?  Or our nakedness that our prisoners like us to parade in front of them? O’ dear brother, when we see your trucks and cars transporting building materials for the Americans, our hearts jump because those trucks and cars belong to my people and to my own town then I reflect with a bleeding heart: O’ God! My people have sold their honour and dignity in exchange for a bundle of American Dollars, but when I reflect upon our desecrated honour and my situation, I burst into tears. O’ dear brothers and sisters, how I, in God’s name, can describe or put in words, the suffering we undergo and experience at the hands of the Americans, let alone the severe beating and daily torture because we do not give in to their lusty and sexual desires!!! O’ the spiritual leaders of our beloved faith, where do you hide your faces from the shame and dishonour that the Americans brought upon you and us??  Have you already forgotten the preaching of our most revered Prophet to safeguard your honour? Have you already sold yourselves and us to the American and Zionists in the slave market in return for a few Dollars? Have you lost your honour and dignity?? Have you forgotten that God has put us in you trust; to keep, to cherish and protect our honour from desecration?  The Americans in Abu Ghraib have already desecrated your and our honour. In the name of the almighty God and those who read my letter world wide to raise their voices against the brutal treatment we undergo at the hand of our prisoners. It is worse than the Palestinians in the Zionist’s prisoners but here they rape us, they desecrated and violated our sacred honour like wild bests. We scream for help to save us from these bests but no one seems to hear our desperate cry. Finally, if there still any atom of honour in your hearts,O’ leaders of the community, do attack this notorious  prison with every weapon at your disposal killing them and us altogether because our wombs are already pregnant with their bastards. We love to die than bringing shame upon you or upon our families and our land; kill us, I beseech you to the sake of God to kill us with the Americans and their bastards.

Your Sister

Arabic Translation