Letter from the militant leader of the Iraqi Resistance

‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri.


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.


Dear Mujahid Comrade,


My greetings to you and my congratulations on your outstanding successes in the revolutionary action in your province.  I expect that you, together with the comrade secretaries of Party branches will study deeply all the features of the political game, the bases on which it rests and its intended aims, so that that approach will not affect us, lest we become a part of this game whose basic purpose is to serve the occupation and its traitor lackeys.


One of the basic aims of the occupation is to set up a regime, that is to say, an elected organized government with executive agencies and a judicial system, and all the other agencies that spring from that – a police force, an army, a security service, an intelligence service, municipal governments, provincial governments, and governments for districts, and areas.  They want this system to achieve some sort of stability.  Then after that, will come the crackdown on the Party and the Resistance.


Thus their first goal actually constitutes a most dangerous weapon that they hope to use to destroy the Party and the Resistance.  It was with this end in view that those in political game worked to attract you to the idea of negotiations and meetings with traitors and the occupation forces.  They tried to attract you to taking part in the elections and to getting involved in the puppet administrative agencies.  Yet from the beginning, the Party resolved that our members would be present in those agencies solely for the purpose of gathering information, and in very limited numbers, and in the sensitive agencies so that we can penetrate the security of their agencies and make it easier for us to destroy them.  And, thanks be to God, we have succeeded in doing a great deal of this.


So I call on you to beware and be wary lest we be drawn gradually into the enemy’s plan on the excuse that we should be the alternative to that which is bad or worse.  It is impermissible for us to put ourselves in a bad container on the excuse that we are trying to clean out the evil that is in it.  The correct approach is for us to smash the bad container and the evil that is in it.


So beware of taking part in any of the activities of the occupation or its stooges.  We stand for the rejection of everything official in our country that has been created by the occupation, its stooges, and its spies; and for firmly upholding the Resistance and the Jihad.  We must not give the occupation and its stooges any opportunity to deceive and misguide, to weaken the Party or to affect the morale of the Resistance.


I expect the Party to lock itself into jihad and the mobilization of the people behind the Mujahideen, arousing them to revolution against the occupation and to leave political relations to the political leadership and that only within very narrow limits.  Reject all elections.  Boycott them forcefully, and prevent them wherever you can do so.  Kill the traitors and stooges, pursue them and strike them down.  Do not allow for any stability, because stability serves the enemy and his puppets.  It is not permissible for us to play the role of loyal opposition to traitors, mercenaries, and stooges in this political game into which the enemy wants to drag us, a game which in reality is his plan for our destruction.


Hold fast to the Resistance.  Arouse the people to revolution behind it.  Give them every help and encouragement.  Stay defiant and relentless in the jihad and for the eternal message of our Arab Nation . . .


Towards the end of May 2005.


Acting Chief Secretary of the Iraqi Regional Command of the Arab Baath Socialist Party.


(Published on www.albasrah.net, Friday, 27 May 2005.)