A greater threat now looms over mankind


Kenneth T. Tellis


Today, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov spoke out against the U.S. Missile Defence System, because it would set a dangerous precedent.   Consider the reasons why Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov was against the U.S. Missile Defence System.   What were the guarantees that they would not be used by a rogue government in the U.S. to subjugate peaceful countries?   If the U.S. has already voided international covenants like the United Nations Charter, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Immunity and The Geneva Conventions, what guarantee is there that they will abide by any agreement they now make with any country?  

In both Afghanistan and Iraq the United States of America has taken on the role that Nazi Germany had during World War II.  It has openly used torture and murder to attain what it cites as information.   But further than that, it has used Depleted Uranium Shells against civilian men, women and children, knowing fully well, that this is in violation of international agreements.
In Venezuela, that U.S. is bent on overthrowing the Bolivarian government of President Hugo Chavez Frias, in an attempt to gain control of Venezuela's OIL.  The Bush regime has already lost all credibility and feels that it has nothing to lose in overthrowing the Chavez government in Venezuela.  The Bush regime has a "GO FOR BROKE" attitude, thus it will not hesitate to even invade Venezuela if necessary to control its OIL.  But the point is, will the Bush regime stop at Venezuela?   That is the moot point.   If it succeeds in Venezuela, then there can be no doubt that IRAN will be its next victim.  
Right now, that Bush regime has only vassals that do its bidding, and has no real friends.  If common sense had any play, then the U.S. might think seriously of withdrawing its forces that are in occupation of other lands.  Because at least they might have some friends left.  Under the present scheme, U.S. soldiers are dying in foreign lands that cannot be subjugated.   Its a morass like Vietnam, and will than likely end up like Vietnam, where the U.S. forces were pulled out with one hours notice on April 30, 1975.   The present morale of the U.S. forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq is not very high.  U.S. soldiers are returning home with their minds blown to hell.   They are quite unfit to return to normal daily life in the U.S.  The shame of it is that it could have be averted, had the Bush regime not cooked up the false story of the Weapons of Mass Destruction to invade Iraq.   But that is now water under-the-bridge, and they cannot go back to where they started.  Future generations of Americans will remember this part of their history, as an error in judgment by a government that was greedy and vicious.