Telling Lies and False Statements

Translated by Iman Alsadon

Why don’t they tell in honest way the miserable status of US occupation solders? Brave Iraqi resistance fighters are hunting occupation solders and their machinery on daily bases while the occupation administration is only showing misleading pictures to cover up their political scandals. Occupation solders can only move in groups in fear of resistance attacks.

Yet no one has admitted or announced the true fate of the dead American solders.


Lately, reports from all over the homeland tell about US planes that throw black and white bags over rivers and deserts. In the meantime, continuous daily resistance attacks on an area in the west of Iraq have forced the US occupation troops to flee that area which contains several mass graves
for American dead solders. The occupiers have used heavy machines to make mass graves where dead solders were quickly buried. The mass graves area has attracted stray animals and they ate some of the bodies, which were partly buried. Hence, body parts and bones are spread all over the desert.

Anyway, many of these bodies were collected from different areas in Iraq. The majority of the dead bodies were of white skin and tall solders. Those solders were killed in Iraq and were not in anyway involved in making the decision to come to Iraq and be killed there. In addition the dead
bodies were put in bags that are only used by the US army.The bodies will be delivered to the Iraqi Red Crescent or the Red Cross or any organization that respects its mission.These mass graves are an honest proof of the occupiers’ lies to hide the number of dead solders and where they’re about. These pictures are just of some of the unknown number of dead American solders. Now we are challenging the criminals of war and the occupiers to explain to the families who lost their sons for the occupation of Iraq whether their sons will be returned home, be buried in Iraq, or be thrown to the dogs to eat them.