Did Iraq attack halapja with chemical weapons in 1988?


 DR.  Ibrahim Aloush
Translation: Al-Farooq Kassibawi

United States Foreign Minister Colin Powell has renewed the Kurds killing case in Halabja by the chemical weapons while opening a new  memorial with Jalal Al-Talabani 's who arrived in the summer of the past year 2003 . while we are  hearing and reading how Iraq carries the responsibility of Halabja massacre, and as if that is from the truisms . And that comes a habit in another truism context is that America armed Iraq in the bloody Iraqi - Iranian war through eighties .

And these truisms come today, specially Halabja, expression of the need of the occupation forces of pretexts they legislate its aggression on an independent country . Specifically As in Halabja massacre some the more important pretexts of the occupation appears :

1 ) the weapons of mass destruction, 

2 ) The dictatorship, 

3 ) the collective massacres .

And therefore, became no escape from the focusing by what happened there the dependence on the American official sources of itself .

Stockholm institute of the international peace researches mentions that the importation of Iraq of the weapons between 1973 and 2002 was distributed statistically as follows :

          57 % from Russia and Soviet Union,

         13 % from France,

         12 % from China,

         1 % from America,

         and less than 1 % of Britain .

There is no accurate statistics that America armed Iraq in the eighties, and there is nothing in Iraqs record like the scandal of  Irans gate or the deals of Israeli weapons from the black market or all the other deals with the knowledge of the American officials witnessed in front of the congress in year 1982 that Israel transferred American weapons to Iran and the southern army of Lebanon without that following an achievement despite its violation of the text of the American law .

From another side, a limited report mentions the distribution about Halabja of the American military intelligence agency, chose parts of it the magazine of Village Voice in its published issue 1 may 2002 : most of the victims in Halabja death was caused by the solution of chloride cyanogen, but this chemical factor was not used a day by Iraq, and the records show that I ran was using it . As for the mustard gas casualties in the town then it is likely that they were Iraqi weapons, because there is no record that Iran under any circumstances used it .

And in another report about Halabja from a conference that lasted two days the military attaches in the American embassies in Middle East and analysts soldiers and politicians from the Central Intelligence Agency CIA And the military intelligence agency DIA ، He in its results depended on the field and available reports for the generality and on the pick-up of the wired messages to the Iraqi and Iranian armies from the American national security agency NSA ، Evaluation came that what happened in Halabja as follows : on the assumption that chloride cyanogen is the official reason and  the basis for the worse chemicals use cases in the military killing of the Kurds in Halabja, and that Iraq is for the record has not ever been using these elements, and the Iranians has been recorded using elements from this kind, we conclude that the Iranians are responsible for this attack . And the finding of that official report becomes possible on the next site : "http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/ops/war/docs/3203/"


And based on another Pentagon report, Washington Post newspaper reported on 3 may 1990 says that Halabja massacre the result of the mutual bombardment came by the chemical weapons between the Iraqi and Iranian armies with the target of the control over the town .And we conclude from The different sources in this context that what happened in Halabja is the start of the Iranian army with the bombardment of Halabja a chloride with the target of the control over it, and he is what from the civil Kurdish victims without that he is a premeditation led to lying the greater department their targeting is the aim, but the Iraqi army reverted and bombarded it by the mustard gas for its liberation after the massacre occurred by the Kurdish civilians and therefore the victims of the Iraqi weapons were a basis from the attacking Iranian forces and Al-Talibani 's forces allied with it .

 Before Colin Paul accuses  Iraq of the slaughter of the civilians in Halabja, may be he should start first with the denying  the American  military sources.

And anyway, the greater hypocrisy is not  the claim of that Washington cares for the Kurds but the one that made the Turkish country greater is importing the American weapons in 1994, the same year that more than million Kurds escaped to Diar Bakr  from the tyranny that the Turkish forces inflicted on the countryside in the occupied Kurdistan in Turkey .