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 Rafidan Official Transcript 10


Rafidan The political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command

 Communiqué no. 10 Regarding the Stoffel Tadji Scandal


The 17th of Rabia Second 1426 H equivalent to the 25th of May 2005 M


Communiqué No. 10 ( 8MB Video .wmv)

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Peace to you and grace from god almighty


Where did 70,000 tons of Brass and Copper?


We read hundreds of books about the disappearance of Gold on a German train during the second world war, we urge those who opposed the war on Iraq in America and Europe to demonstrate their humanity, and assist in discovering where did 70,000 tons of Brass/Copper disappear and it's value today exceeds 350 million U.S. Dollars. All was in the factories of the Iraqi Army and within the territory of Occupied Iraq which is under the legal control of the U.S.


We summarize to you hundreds of emails which may shed light on this case.


Dale Stoffel, Bush's envoy in Iraq, was of knowledge and plan of all what is available under the disposal of the Iraqi military industrial complex thanks to the espionage reports of the United States Nations inspection teams that searched Iraq for WMDs.


For this he wrote to several parties to sell the stock we include a letter dated 12th of Aug 2004 M addressed to Coksun Akdeniz seaming of Turkish Origin, and according to Exhibit 14 there are to main standards of this material stock 30/70 & C260/C230.


The main plant in Fallujah was erected by an Austrian company in 1988 and houses 70,000 Tons of Brass/Copper mix.


On the 18th of Aug 2004, Meaning two days before the signing of the exclusive agreement with Minister Shalan; Stoffel wrote to Major Gen. Gallagher the following:


" I am coming to Tadji tomorrow, accompanying me will be my friend, the Ukrainian Military Attaché Colonel Anatoly Vasylenko who will value the scrap and then present it to the superiors in Kiev. The Ukrainian ministry of defense will assemble a team of experts so they can complete their work in Tadji. If the Attaché accompanies me we will be able to carry out the work quickly. " This is from Exhibit 15


on the 29th of October 2004, David J Stoffel,  Dale's Brother wrote:

"Subject: the Pentagon Hearing.

In 10 minutes a pentagon discussion will be help on how we are to dispose of the weapons, ammunition, and explosives in Iraq. If you can, then try to sea it. If not we will try to send you the transcript later." This from Exhibit 16


(Comment: Exhibit 17 is just to make you brainstorm!)


What Rafidan Says is that they not only stopped at stealing the Oil, not did they stop at selling the Iraqi military equipment valued at no less than 40 billion U.S. Dollars, not did they stop at stealing the Iraqs assets in and around world banks, nor the safety boxes in the Banks, nor did they stop at stealing the museums and selling the artifacts in secret auctions, not did they stop at stealing the personal money and woman jewelry from our citizen's homes, nor will they even stop at other programmed looting operations that we will disclose at the correct time, for they have launched an illegal war on a nation that is simply a treasure that never dwindles in resources.


This is why we reserve the right to bring to justice the war criminals of this war!!!


As for the story of the disappearance of 70,000 tons of Brass/Copper, which by simple calculation is equivalent to 3,500 trailers (Truck load), and was there laying in several military plants, with their production lines. It is a story that is more like something from the Thousand and one nights stories were Shahrezad tells her stories on Abu Nuas Street.


For this we ask the War criminal Bush and his Generals, how did hundreds in the least reached the Jordanian Government?


How did the Kurdish Gangsters export thousands of Tons to Iran & Turkey?


How did the Iranian Parties in Iraq, transport thousands of tons to Iran and with the knowledge of the British forces, all free of charge, and in Gratitude for their ongoing role in

Keeping the south quiet, and in fulfillment to the secretly agreed compensations!


How did thousands of Tons reach Bombay and the United Arab Emirates, under the supervision of the British forces?


The invaders and by plan of the pentagon, crafted since 1990, the criminal sanctions for 12 years then to annihilate Iraq as a nation, a people, and a civilization.


But now they have finally realized that the American Empire is in a great problem, for their mercenary allies are escaping gradually, & their soldiers are under the guillotines of the Resistance. And the government of traitors is no more than a Mirage "A Mirage!"


We are not surprised when Blair and his thieves steal, simply because all displays in the museums of London were stolen from other nations!


As for the heads of the Financially broke Empire, for they know now that the Iraqi Army did not disappear and the Brass/Copper Disappeared, for the Army fights a war of liberty from the thieves!


There will come a close day Bush, when you damn the day you invaded the cradle of civilizations our country only to steal!


We have the owth of God!


Rafidan - The Political Committee 


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