Transcript Rafidan 9


Rafidan – The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command Baghdad.

The 17 of Rabia 1426 H, the 26th of April 2005

Communiqué No. 9 ( 5MB Video .wmv),

Exhibit 13





In the Name of God Most Merciful Most Graceful


Peace and tranquility to all listeners


Due to the Political Situation, we have decided to release now the actual contract of this gang of thieves, how they divided the amounts and how this crime started.


" Oh Iraqis of Iraq, Stand between the Euphrates & the Tirgis and shout till the deaf listens well, Today our subjects are two heads, to treachery and lowness they reach,

they have entered with the occupiers, Our army and our weapons to them were enemies, thay have prepares matters for the army's dismantling, They have appointed the Zionists as their masters, and Stoffel a Prophet!" (Similar to Poetry)


Listen to their Memorandum,


Memorandum of Understanding


Exhibit 13

Date: 20.06.2004


Between Gazi Allawi, Dale Stoffel, Mohammad Al-Chalabi, & Ahmet Ersevci,


All have agreed to appoint Mr. Stoffel as the Sole agent to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, with regards to the organizing of all it's military equipment. As the parties were seeking different parties in the regards of a sole agency, then it is expected to receive in return a commission of 10% of the value of every transaction.


And as parties are interested in establishing a framework for agreement with regards to percentages and shares, from the expected services, we have agreed on the following:


1- Ersevci establishes a company through Stoffel, to fulfill the expected contract under the company name "Newco".


2- "Newco" firm, through Stoffel, becomes the sole agent of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.


3- The company "Newco" receives a percentage of 10% of Every transaction.


4- A contract will be signed between the partners with "Newco" with regards to the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding.


5- Newco is awarded 50% of the Profits as management expences.


6- 60% of the remaining (meaning 30% of the profit) is Stoffel's Share.

& 40% of the remaining (meaning 20% of the profit) to the remaining parties. The dividing of the profits is after the subtraction of the expenses.


7- All parties agree that the contents & conditions of this memorandum are to be considered highly confidential. And are not disclosed or releases in any case.


The signature location of Gazi Allawi, Dale Stoffel, Mohammad AlChalabi, Ahmet Ersevci."



            What do we find:

A- It seems that Stoffel played them, and actually overtook 80% of the true profits

      & gave 6% to every servant.(Cahlabi, Allawi, Ersevci)

B- Stoffel can actually reduce the profits of the others partners to 1% simply by varying the amounts in the sale invoices and thus preserved the profit margin of 97% for him and for the CIA.


AS for the thieves of Betrayal, thieves of Banks & Museums, Who eaten the flesh of the dead & drank the blood of our soldiers and surrendered the holy places to the Zionists and the invaders, We will get them soon!


If we one day had one revenge to quench, Today we have a million, especially after

The invaders have decided to prepare them to take office to program the contued theft of our country's recourses.


If your profits died with Stoffel, you must know that your heads are ripe & ready for picking season, and you are condemned a thousand times.


And we carry the owth of God,


Rafidan The political Commitee 
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