Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 13 April 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Tuesday, 13 April 2004.


US aggressors violate cease fire, bomb, storm al-Fallujah.  Resistance halts US offensive, Americans flee.


Violating a cease fire agreement concluded with the Iraqi Resistance, the US aggressors launched a fresh offensive trying unsuccessfully to break into the defiant city, then sent bombers to attack al-Fallujah on Tuesday afternoon, as US tanks fled from the city due to intense Resistance attacks.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in the city said earlier that US tanks had entered an-Nizal neighborhood and went into battle against the local people and Resistance forces.  Two US armored vehicles were seen ablaze.


Residents of al-Fallujah said that US tank fire shelled a number of residential quarters in the city, one of the tank shells crashing into a teacher preparatory school in al-Andalus neighborhood.  The sound of gunfire reverberated in al-Jumhuriyah neighborhood.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent reported that a number of artillery shells also exploded near the substitute hospital operating in the center of al-Fallujah as F-16 fighter bombers screamed overhead.


The correspondent reported seeing dozens of Resistance fighters rushing towards an-Nizal neighborhood to block the advance of the American invaders, even as other Resistance units were putting up fierce resistance to American aggressors in other parts of the city.


The Resistance halted the US offensive and, according to al-Jazeera, American forces that had tried to storm an-Nizal neighborhood were forced to pull back after the Resistance put up a violent defense of the area, inflicting undisclosed losses on the Americans.  Al-Jazeera reported that two US F-16 fighter bombers were intensely bombing an-Nizal neighborhood to cover the retreat of the American units and reduce further losses among the aggressor forces.


Al-‘Arabiyah TV reported that the Resistance in al-Fallujah had cut off a group of US troops inside one neighborhood of al-Fallujah after they failed to withdraw along with the rest of the tanks and armored vehicles that made a failed attempt to storm the besieged city.


Mafkarat al-Islam: Resistance repulses violent US assaults on al-Fallujah.


The special correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam (www.islammemo.cc) in al-Fallujah reported that US aggressor forces had attempted to break into an-Nizal neighborhood in the southern part of defiant al-Fallujah, the direction of the industrial part of town.  The American aim was to put their sharp shooters into strategic positions in the neighborhood.


The Iraqi Resistance, however, was able to drive the invaders back, inflicting significant losses in their ranks. Three of the US sharpshooters were killed.  Two armored vehicles were destroyed in one of which were no fewer than three aggressor troops, all of whom were wiped out.  The rest of the aggressors were able to escape under protection of the aircraft that were sent to protect their escape.  The fact that the aircraft were slow to show up, however, resulted in those losses that took place.


In a later report the same correspondent wrote that a further 15 US aggressor troops were killed on Tuesday night as they attempted to mass inside an-Nizal neighborhood. They were drawn forward by a ruse – they interpreted the quiet that met as meaning that they could advance without incident and concentrate their forces.  But it was the quiet before a storm as the Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed the US aggressors and wiped all of the attackers out.


In addition, the correspondent reports, that Iraqi Resistance fighters blocked an American attempt to break through al-Fallujah’s defenses in the area of al-Jurayfi on the other side of the railroad tracks in the city.  Five American troops were killed in that battle, the remainder of the aggressors managing to flee under US air cover.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a column of US armored vehicles as they were withdrawing from al-Jurayfi district around al-Fallujah, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reports.  Two armored vehicles were crippled and all the Americans aboard them wiped out – a total of 10 US aggressors.  The two vehicles were then set ablaze.


Mafkarat al-Islam: Resistance from al-Karmah deals deadly blow to fleeing US military convoy.


In a report posted just after 1:00am Mecca Time on Wednesday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah wrote:


It appears that safety is still a remote hope for the American forces even when they are engaged in withdrawal.  A group of American forces pulled out of al-Fallujah and, outside the defiant city, they loaded their armored vehicles on 18 transport vehicles and set off for what they thought was the security of occupied Baghdad.  But suddenly the Resistance fighters made up of residents of the town of al-Karmah attacked the convoy, wiping out the entire unit, and setting all the transport vehicles and their cargoes ablaze. The cargoes consisted of: nine tanks, nine Humvees, 18 armored vehicles – since each transport vehicle can carry a Humvee and a tank or two armored vehicles.  Thirty-six American aggressor troops were killed, each vehicle having a driver and an assistant.  In addition, nine more US soldiers were killed inside the tanks, and 18 soldiers who had been riding them.


At the moment the report was filed, US aggressor forces had sealed off the area of the attack which is located 15km from al-Fallujah, where the Resistance has prevented the aggressors from making any advances against the defiant city.


Withdrawing Americans fly white flags to get out of al-Fallujah.


A report posted at 1:20am 14 April 2004 Mecca time from special correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reports witnessing more than 50 American tanks and armored vehicles flying white flags in an effort to be allowed out of al-Fallujah unharmed.  The correspondent personally witnessed one US soldier get out of a tank unarmed to prove that his white flag meant what it normally means in military practice.  US forces pulled out of al-Jawlan, as-Sakani, al-Jurayfi, and as-Saqlawiyah neighborhoods and districts.


Iraqi Resistance captures 30 US Marines trying to break into al-Fallujah.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah also reports that Iraqi Resistance forces, captured 30 US Marine invaders prisoners on the night of Monday-Tuesday.  The Marine invaders were attempting to break into al-‘Askari neighborhood during the night and were clad in black for camouflage.  The Resistance observed their attempt and allowed them to get into the city whereupon they were all captured.  The correspondent reports that the Resistance fighters were surprised at how easily and quickly the Americans surrendered – without putting up any resistance whatsoever – and speculated that the series of defeats they had suffered in and around al-Fallujah had demoralized them.  They no doubt feared that they would otherwise share the fate of those who had already died and therefore preferred to surrender.  All the American prisoners were taken to a secure location.


Iraqi Resistance downs US helicopter east of al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters near the village of Zawbi‘ah, 12 miles east of defiant al-Fallujah struck a US military helicopter Tuesday with a rocket-propelled grenade, forcing it down and wounding three crew members.  One Marine invader in a rescue squad was killed by Iraqi Resistance fighters who attacked with mortars, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, the aggressor military said, adding that seven Marine aggressors in the area were also wounded. The US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt in Baghdad claimed that US forces destroyed the helicopter to prevent its capture by the Resistance, but according to al-Jazeera the helicopter was totally destroyed in attack and resultant crash and fire and American forces were unable to retrieve the wreckage after coming under intense Resistance fire forcing them to withdraw.


The American Associated Press quoted one of the Resistance fighters as saying, “The helicopter was passing overhead, and we happened to be hiding here. We fired an RPG at it and it fell.”


AFP reports Iraqi losses near al-Fallujah, reports no US losses.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that nine Iraqis were killed an d38 others injured in fighting with US aggressor forces near al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance attacks US convoy east of al-Fallujah.


The Iraqi Resistance attacked a US convoy near the village of Zawbi‘ah, 12 miles east of al-Fallujah on Thursday.  Witnesses later saw two Humvees and a truck on fire as well as American casualties.


US soldier killed, one mercenary and one soldier wounded in bomb attack.


Outside the area of al-Fallujah, the Iraqi Resistance escalated their operations against US aggressor forces.  A spokesman for the aggressor forces admitted that one US aggressor soldier was killed and another wounded along with a so-called “civilian contractor” mercenary in the pay of the US military when a bomb exploded under an American convoy on its way from Ba‘qubah to an-Najaf.  It was struck during Monday-Tuesday night by an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb.


US forces punish Iraqi puppet troops who refuse to fight by locking them in cold storage.


US forces have been stunned when two out of four of the Iraqi puppet military regiments they had trained and equipped refused to fight against the defiant city of al-Fallujah.  According to the newspaper Akhbar al-Khalij, which quoted its own private sources in the country, the Americans in their camp at at-Taji brought together the recalcitrant Iraqi recruits, stripped them of their clothes and put them for several hours in a refrigerated food warehouse (which is kept at an intensely cold temperature) as a form of collective punishment.


Resistance attacks US column near Green Zone in Baghdad.


At about noon on Tuesday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired rocket-propelled grenades at a US military column in Baghdad, according to a report filed by a woman correspondent for al-Jazeera in the occupied Iraqi capital.  The attack, which occurred in the west of Baghdad on the highway near the so-called Green Zone where the US occupation has its headquarters, destroyed one Humvee and left several American troops injured.  US forces immediately evacuated the casualties.


Resistance targets American fuel tanker.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired rocket-propelled grenades on Tuesday morning at a fuel tanker full of fuel belonging to the US occupation forces, causing it to explode in flame.  There were no reports regarding casualties in the attack.


One American killed, three wounded in Resistance attack in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a US aggressor patrol in downtown Kirkuk on Tuesday morning, wounding four Americans.  Eyewitnesses said that Resistance fighters fired seven rocket-propelled grenades at a US Humvee in the patrol, killing one and wounding three other American soldiers.  The director of the local puppet police, an American appointee, reported that the Resistance fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades at the patrol as it passed through Celebration Square (Sahat al-Ihtifalat) in the city at 4:00am local time, destroying one military vehicle according to a report carried by the United Arab Emirates newspaper al-Bayan.


Mortar barrage on US base in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked the main US base in the Kirkuk area with mortars shortly after 5:00am local time on Tuesday.  The puppet police commander in the city said that five mortar shells slammed into the airport which the Americans have taken over as their main base in the area.  The sound of sirens could be heard wailing in the early morning.  US spokesmen made no immediate report regarding casualties or damage.


Resistance downs helicopter, knocks out tank in Samarra’


Iraqi Resistance forces launched an attack on US aggressor targets in the al-Jubayriyah neighborhood of Samarra’ on Tuesday.  One US Apache helicopter was brought down, killing all aboard, and several US military vehicles were destroyed according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam (www.islammemo.cc).  The battle broke out near the al-Fatimi intersection in al-Hawli street in al-Jubayriyah and then spread as far as the neighborhoods of ash-Shuhada’ and ad-Dubbat.


Witnesses reported that in addition to the downed helicopter, a US tank was also destroyed and a number of Humvees.


The total casualties among the Americans are unknown, but five Iraqis were martyred in the action.


Resistance attacks US patrol in Baghdad, Americans kill, wound Iraqi bystanders.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US aggressor patrol in Baghdad in al-Mushahidah district in Baghdad.  The US invader troops responded by firing indiscriminately, killing an Iraqi man and wounding an Iraqi woman.  US aggressors then began raids and searches on the houses in the neighborhood.


US General Abizaid asks Washington for more American troops.


As Resistance to the US occupation broadens and intensifies, US commander General John Abizaid announced that he had requested that Washington send more American troops to Iraq.


Spanish aggressor forces try to advance against Jaysh al-Mahdi.


Three Spanish aggressor armored vehicles attempted to advance towards positions held by the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia backing Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr near al-Kufah.  A clash ensued in which a number of civilians were reported wounded according to al-Jazeera.


Wary anticipation prevails in an-Najaf and al-Kufah.


Al-Jazeera reports that wary anticipation prevailed in an-Najaf and al-Kufah after word came that Muqtada as-Sadr supporter Hazim al-A‘raji had been arrested in Baghdad while attending a conference.  Jaysh al-Mahdi is nearly in total control of al-Kufah, according to al-Jazeera.  Later, after holding him for several hours, the American aggressors released al-A‘raji.


US aggressor helicopters crisscrossed the skies above an-Najaf as the Iraqi puppet police began re-occupying its positions in various puppet police stations in the city.


Resistance scares Zionist companies out of occupied Iraq.


Zionist sources have reported that all the “Israeli” commercial companies that had been operating in occupied Iraq have now completely halted their operations due to the escalation of the Iraqi Resistance, in particular, due to the kidnapping of aliens.


The Zionist newspaper Yediot Ahronot reports that Zionist businessmen from occupied Palestine who had been operating in Iraq as recently as one week ago have hurried to return to “Israel” as the Zionist companies have stopped transporting commodities via Jordan and the Gulf shaykhdoms into occupied Iraq.  Zionist firms located in Iraq are no longer receiving loans from Zionist financiers.


Up until two weeks ago several dozen Zionist businessmen were working in occupied Iraq as secondary contractors to American and other international contracting companies.  Some were engaged in what the Americans call “rebuilding Iraq” in accordance with American desires, and other Zionist firms were busy importing consumer goods into the Iraqi market.  Most Zionist goods sold in Iraq are marketed as Jordanian products and are transported by local trucking companies with Iraqi or Jordanian drivers.


Four Italian mercenaries taken hostage.


An organization calling itself the Brigades of the Mujahideen have captured four members of the Italian security forces who were working for the American occupation of Iraq, in the latest hostage taking incident in the country.  In a video obtained by al-Jazeera, the Brigades of the Mujahideen demanded that the Italian government, in the person of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, officially apologize for its attacks on Islam and the Muslims and pledge to withdraw Italian forces having set a specific date for that.


The Brigades also demanded that all imprisoned Islamic religious leaders in Iraq be set free.  The Brigades said that if the Italian government responds to all these demands, it would be informed of how it might go about negotiating the release of the Italian hostages.


In its first reaction to the incident, the Italian government said that the four were employees of an American security company (a mercenary hiring organization) and that they had been listed as missing since Monday.


The kidnapping of the Italians coincided with the release of eight Russian employees of Russian energy companies who had been kidnapped on Monday evengin.  The three Russians and five Ukrainians returned to work at the headquarters of their firm in Baghdad.


French cameraman taken hostage in Baghdad.


The French Foreign Ministry reported that a French journalist had been abducted and was being held hostage in Iraq on Tuesday.