Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 19 August 2004 through Sunday, 22 August 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Thursday, 19 August 2004.


US sends ultimatum to al-Fallujah leaders to expel Resistance forces within 48 hours or US will attack.  Fighters evacuate civilians from likely battle zones and prepare for combat.


A group of Iraqi Resistance fighters evacuated civilian residents of the areas where they anticipate fighting to break out after a threatening letter was delivered to them from the US aggressor forces.


In a report posted at 2:05pm Thursday, Mecca time, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah wrote that the city that the so-called Iraqi Islamic Party, (an organization that participated in the US-installed “interim governing council” but still tries to act as a go-between with the Resistance), handed over a letter from US occupation authorities to tribal leaders and notables of al-Fallujah.  The American letter gave the local leaders an ultimatum, stating that if within 48 hours they have not expelled the Resistance fighters from the city, al-Fallujah would be subjected to a massive US attack.


In the wake of the letter, detachments of Resistance fighters evacuated the northern and southern districts of the city, which are likely targets for US assaults.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the al-‘Askari neighborhood has been evacuated in the northeastern part of the city.  Also evacuated were the northern al-Jurayfi neighborhood, and the neighborhoods of ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl, and the industrial zone of the city on the south side.


Most of the civilian residents have moved towards the center of al-Fallujah, though some have left the city altogether to move in with relatives as the likelihood of fighting increases with the ticking of the clock.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that parts of al-Fallujah are extremely tense.


Tension breaks out into skirmishes Thursday night as US prepares offensive against al-Fallujah.


In a dispatch posted at 11:40pm Mecca time Thursday night, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that American forces outside the city appeared to be making their final preparations for an offensive against the defiant city.  The industrial zone, a frequent target of US attacks in the southern part of al-Fallujah, witnessed fighting between US forces and Iraqi Resistance fighters that lasted for five minutes.


At the same time the skies over the city were filled with menacing US aircraft, starting shortly after 10:00pm Mecca time Thursday night.  Two aircraft in particular were crisscrossing the city’s airspace – one F-16 fighter bomber and a C-130 aircraft used for reconnaissance and for dropping massive container bombs that release anti-personnel cluster bombs over a wide area.  The Resistance in one southern neighborhood of al-Fallujah fired a 57-type round of anti-aircraft fire at the F-16 at 11:25pm, but failed to hit the enemy plane, which continued to prowl the area, trying to pin point the source of the anti-aircraft fire.


US aircraft rockets car in al-Fallujah, martyring two Resistance fighters.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported Thursday night that two Resistance fighters were martyred in the city when a US aircraft rocketed the Ford car in which they riding. The fighters were apparently carrying anti-aircraft shells in the car in order to shoot at American aircraft.


Heavy fighting in southern al-Fallujah as Resistance throws back US attack around  midnight.  Eight civilians wounded by US aggressor fire.


In a report posted at 11:46pm Mecca time Thursday night, the al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that fierce fighting had been raging for 10 minutes between US aggressors and the Iraqi Resistance in the southern neighborhoods of al-Fallujah.  The battle, which began at 11:30pm was still under way as he filed his report.


Fighting erupted when US aggressor troops mounted a violent attack on the southern parts of the city using mortars and rockets.  US tanks also fired shells at the al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood in the center of the city, and also at the “Cement Houses” – housing blocks in which workers at the local cement plant reside.


The Resistance had been able to stave off the US assaults, forcing the Americans back when they tried to advance in the direction of the south side of the city.  The Resistance saw their approached and unleashed a heavy barrage on the Americans, forcing them to beat a retreat.


The US raid on the city of al-Fallujah Thursday night left eight civilians wounded according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The US attack, which began at 11:30pm, came to a close by 12:10am Friday, leaving eight civilians wounded, six of them were hospitalized in al-Fallujah General Hospital.  The other two were recuperating in al-Hadrah Hospital.


Resistance mortar bombardment strikes Baghdad “green zone.”


Several explosions rocked Baghdad on Thursday night as mortar shells slammed into the so-called “green zone” as the Americans call the Republican Palace complex that they have occupied and turned into the headquarters for their occupation and for their stooge regime.  Eyewitnesses were quoted by the American Associated Press (AP) as saying that plumes of smoke covered the entire compound area.


In fact according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the Resistance pounded the so-called “green zone” repeatedly on Thursday from morning until night.  The last attack of the day came at 8:30pm when three rockets – apparently powerful ones of the Grad or Tariq variety – struck the area.  Earlier in the day, at 4:00pm the Resistance fired six Katyusha rockets at the intensely-guarded American-occupied headquarters.


Eight Americans killed in Resistance ambush near al-Yusufiyah.


An American convoy of oil tank trucks and six Humvees to provide protection was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance as it passed along the highway between al-Yusufiyah and the western region on Thursday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the rocket-propelled grenade attack left two Humvees completely destroyed and set one of the tank trucks ablaze, killing its driver, a US soldier.  Seven Americans died in the Humvees and three others were wounded, the reporter wrote.


Resistance sets US base in Baghdad area ablaze with rocket attack.


At about 9:50pm Thursday night, the US base called the as-Suqur Camp (or “Camp of Falcons”) on the al-Yusufiyah road in Baghdad came under rocket attack.  Fires blazed up in the camp that were still burning half an hour later, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The correspondent wrote that the Resistance fired a powerful Grad missile at the US base.


US suffers at least 18 killed in Wednesday attack in Baghdad.


US aggressor troops suffered serious losses in the ar-Ridwaniyah area of Baghdad on Wednesday, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam who reported that at least 18 US troops were killed in an attack carried out at 11:00am.


Resistance fighters attacked an American foot patrol in the area, striking all of them with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). Most members of the patrol were killed and then the remainder were finished off with light arms.


Five minutes after the attack, the correspondent wrote, four Humvees arrived on the scene.  But the Resistance was waiting for them and completely destroyed two of the Humvees.  The other two US vehicles fled, firing indiscriminately at the houses in the area.


The number of Americans killed in the Humvees is unknown but the vehicles were turned into balls of flame and it is considered likely that all aboard were killed.


Resistance bomb kills two American troops in al-Ghazaliyah Thursday night.


Two American aggressors were killed and three others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb went off in al-Ghazaliyah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at 9:00pm Thursday night, as the US patrol was passing along the highway in al-Ghazaliyah, a bomb exploded, striking the American column and inflicting the casualties.


Two Polish aggressors killed, five wounded in “traffic accident” following Resistance attack.


Reuters has reported that a Polish aggressor spokesman announced that two Polish invader troops were killed and five others wounded in what he called a “traffic accident” in al-Hillah, after their patrol came under Iraqi Resistance gunfire near their base in Babil.  In Warsaw a spokesman said that a patrol composed of three vehicles came under Resistance automatic weapons attack at 3:15am in al-Hillah. The vehicles sped up and two of them collided with each other.


Seven Iraqi puppet police reported killed in Jaysh al-Mahdi mortar attack on police station in an-Najaf Thursday.


The Iraqi puppet police reported that Iraqi Resistance mortar shells crashed into a puppet police station in an-Najaf on Thursday, killing 7 and wounding 31, according to an American Associated Press (AP) dispatch.  Earlier puppet police sources announced that three mortar rounds had struck a puppet police station in the city and acknowledged an unspecified number of dead and wounded.


The AP reported that police station hit by the mortar attack Thursday was not near the shrine of the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, but has been a frequent target of the Jaysh al-Mahdi.  At a hospital overflowing with casualties, an official told the AP that the attack killed at least seven policemen and wounded 31 others. Some of the wounded were forced to sit on the hospital floor as others lined the halls. Blood pooled on the floor and moans of pain echoed in the corridors.


The Jaysh al-Mahdi attack followed an ultimatum delivered by US puppet “prime minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi to Muqtada as-Sadr to lay down arms and leave the Shi‘i shrine area – treacherously canceling a cease-fire agreement reached between Muqtada as-Sadr and representatives of the US-sponsored so-called “Iraqi congress.”


US aggressors storm “Madinat as-Sadr” in Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses have reported that US aggressor troops supported by dozens of tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles have stormed the neighborhood of Baghdad known as Madinat as-Sadr, a stronghold for supporters of Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr. Reuters reported that US troops in Humvees called on the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Muqtada as-Sadr to lay down their arms.


On Thursday evening US aggressor troops began heavy bombardment of various positions in an-Najaf.  The correspondent of al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported that the environs around the tomb of the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib were the scene of the most ferocious bombardment since the American siege began.  US forces with their Iraqi stooge forces were expected to launch a full-scale assault on the city from three directions.


CNN reported that the street fighting could be heard inside the religious shrine area as mortar shells went off and automatic weapons fire and numerous explosions were heard.  Streets and homes were being totally destroyed in the US bombardment, the reporter reported.  He wrote that two of the mosque’s minarets had been damaged by the US gunfire and that a clock in a minaret of the mosque had been set ablaze.


As the clock approached midnight, heavy fighting was still underway in the Shi‘i holy city.   At one point, the spokesman for Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Nasiriyah, Aws al-Khafaji, announced that as-Sadr had assured his followers in a letter that he would not disband the Jaysh al-Mahdi.  He said, however, that as-Sadr had ordered his followers to hand over the keys to the Tomb of the Imam ‘Ali to the top Shi‘i religious authorities as soon as possible.


As shells continued to explode and US aircraft carried out air strikes, heavy fighting lasted into the night, according to al-Jazeera satellite TV.  There were reports that the mosque itself had been hit by the US gunfire.  Dozens of blasts shook the religious center and automatic weapons fire could be heard.  Al-Jazeera reported that the most violent fighting was taking place in the southeast area of an-Najaf.  Reuters reported that American AC-130 aircraft were bombing positions of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, lighting up with their orange-colored explosions the sky of the city.  Huge clouds of smoke rose over the Cemetery where the Jaysh al-Mahdi had been entrenched, fighting the US aggresors for two weeks.


US admits one Marine killed in an-Najaf Wednesday.


The US military occupation admitted on Thursday that one Marine invader had been killed in combat operations in the city of an-Najaf on Wednesday.  No further details were provided by American military propaganda.


Resistance pounds British bases in al-Basrah with rockets Thursday morning, afternoon.


The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Thursday evening that the headquarters of the British aggressor forces in the as-Sa‘i neighborhood of the al-‘Ashshar district in the southern city of al-Basrah came under Resistance rocket attack for three hours on Thursday, beginning at 2:00pm and lasting until 5:00 in the afternoon.


Some 14 rockets struck the British headquarters intermittently during that period. 


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam also reported that the Resistance subjected the British camp in the al-Barradi‘i neighborhood in al-Basrah to a bombardment of 13 rockets Thursday morning.  At 5:00am the Resistance fired 13 rockets at the British aggressor camp.























Friday, 20 August 2004.


Resistance strikes US column near Abu Ghurayb, killing at least six American troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US military column with rockets at noon on Friday, killing at least six American troops, according to a report filed by a correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.

The US column was made up of fuel tankers and escort vehicles and was attacked by Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) as it drove along the expressway in the Abu Munaysir area near Abu Ghurayb in the Baghdad region at precisely 1:30pm.


The attack left two tank trucks ablaze and destroyed two Humvees.  At least six US occupation troops were killed in the stinging Resistance assault.


Witnesses reported that the highway was still closed by US forces trying to clean up after the attack at 3:30pm Mecca time.


Resistance shells ar-Rashid Hotel at 9:30 Friday night in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance fighters shelled the high security ar-Rashid Hotel, which the US aggressor chiefs and their Iraqi stooges use as their residence and refuge in Baghdad.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that some eyewitnesses believed the Resistance used powerful Tariq missiles in their attack on the hotel, though this had not been confirmed.


The Resistance launched its rocket attack on the hotel at exactly 9:30pm Friday but in a dispatch posted at 11:21pm Mecca time Friday night, the correspondent said that no information on damage or casualties had been made available by the occupation.


Resistance attacks US convoy near Baghdad Friday afternoon.


A US convoy of troops and vehicles carrying large equipment for the US military came under Iraqi Resistance attack at 2:45pm Mecca time Friday afternoon as it passed under a bridge on its way to Baghdad from the US base complex at at-Taji, according to a report filed by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


One troop carrier was destroyed in the attack, but the US troops were able to cordon off the scene of the attack quickly, using two tanks and three Humvees, making it impossible for the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent to ascertain the extent of casualties inflicted on the US side as a result of the attack.


Jaysh al-Mahdi battles US aggressors, destroyes eight Humvees in as-Sadr neighborhood of Baghdad Friday night.


Resistance bombs destroyed eight US Humvees on Friday night in the as-Sadr neighborhood of the city near the an-Nahdah Bridge.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Resistance bombs were planted near the bridge and that their explosion left 11 dead and 23 others wounded.


US aircraft continued to prowl the skies over the as-Sadr neighborhood until midnight, according to the correspondent, firing rockets at the neighborhood.  Clashes between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and US aggressor troops and their Iraqi puppet forces were also underway at that hour.


Resistance mortars, Katyusha rockets pummel US-occupied al-Muthanna airfield in Baghdad Friday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Friday mounted a destructive attack on al-Muthanna airfield located in Baghdad and occupied by US invader troops.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance fired mortars and Katyusha rockets at the airfield at exactly 9:00pm local time Friday night.


Tongues of flame and thick clouds of smoke rose into the night sky as sirens wailed within the US camp.  As usual, the American invaders made no disclosure of losses or damage as a result of the Resistance barrage.


Resistance fires heavy rocket barrage at Saddam International Airport Friday night.


The Iraqi Resistance mounted a new attack on Saddam International Airport near Baghdad on Friday shortly before midnight, Mecca time according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  Resistance fighters fired four rockets in a row at the US airport.  Although the type of rocket was not confirmed their flash and their explosive yield suggested that they were of the powerful Grad type.  As usual, the US made no report on its losses as a result of the attack.


Two puppet soldiers killed in Baghdad’s Hayfa street by Resistance fire.


Two Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed on Friday in fighting with the Iraqi Resistance on Hayfa street in occupied Baghdad shortly before 11:30pm Friday night Mecca time, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Resistance bomb in Baghdad kills two US troops Friday morning.


Two American aggressors were killed and four others wounded on Friday when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under their car in Baghdad.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a US Humvee was traveling along a highway in the al-‘Amil neighborhood of Baghdad at 7:00am when the Resistance bomb exploded.  Two US soldiers were killed and four others wounded in the blast.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Friday attacked a US command point on the International Highway in Baghdad with 120mm mortars, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The extent of losses were not avaialble.


Resistance mortar fire partly destroys US Intelligence headquarters inside “green zone.”


Informed sources told the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that Iraqi Resistance forces succeeded in striking the headquarters of US intelligence in the so-called “green zone” compound – the heavily guarded area of the occupied Republican Palace that houses the US occupation command in Iraq and the stooge regime headquarters as well.


According to Mafkarat al-Islam, three mortar rounds crashed into the “green zone” at about 1:00pm Friday.  In addition, employees who work inside the US compound reported that a part of the building that serves as the headquarters of US intelligence in Iraq was destroyed in an earlier, Friday morning mortar barrage.


Resistance blows up fuel storage truck outside puppet police station in an-Nasiriyah.


Eyewitnesses reported on Friday that the Iraqi Resistance had blown up a petrol transport tank truck in front of the puppet police station in an-Nasiriyah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast left two dead and seven others wounded.


Jaysh al-Mahdi continues to control most of an-Najaf Friday morning after ferocious US offensive.


On Friday morning, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in an-Najaf reported that the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia continued to control the city after an intense US offensive against them during the night.   The correspondent wrote, in a dispatch posted at 10:50am Mecca time Friday, that US forces continued to control some parts of the old city, but the main streets of that part of an-Najaf remained in the hands of the Jaysh al-Mahdi.  This situation had prevailed, he wrote, for 15 days and had basically not changed.


Muqtada as-Sadr prepares to hand over Imam ‘Ali Mosque to as-Sistani’s control.


‘Ali ash-Shaybani, a spokesman for Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, announced on Friday morning that the top aides of as-Sadr were preparing to hand over control of the Mosque of the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib in an-Najaf to the high Shi‘i religious authority ‘Ali as-Sistani who has a record of cooperation with the US.  Reuters quoted ash-Shaybani as saying a delegation of followers of as-Sadr was meeting with aides of as-Sistani (who is now undergoing medical treatment in London) to hand over keys to the mosque.


But obscurity shrouded the status of an-Najaf during the evening on Friday, as a spokesman for high Shi‘i religious authority ‘Ali as-Sistani in London said that as-Sistani had asked his supporters in an-Najaf on Friday to take possession of the keys to the Mosque of the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib from supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr.  The spokesman added, however that he did not know if that request had actually reached as-Sadr’s representatives in an-Najaf.


A spokesman of as-Sistani’s told Reuters that if the Jaysh al-Mahdi completely leaves the tomb of the Imam ‘Ali and locks it up and if their representatives take the keys to the office of as-Sistani in an-Najaf, his followers have been told to accept the keys from the supporters of as-Sadr.


At least six British troops killed in all-night fighting with Resistance in al-Basrah.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah reported Friday morning that fierce fighting broke out between the Iraqi Resistance and British aggressor troops on Sa‘d Square in the city between midnight and dawn Friday.  Three British Jeeps were destroyed and at least six British invader troops killed. Eyewitness accounts put British deaths at as many as 10, but these could not be confirmed.


The Resistance set fire to the three-story headquarters of the Oil of the South company.  This attack and attacks on the oil pipelines themselves are a major blow to the Anglo-American occupation and plunder of Iraq.


The Iraqi Resistance in the south of the country is made up on the basis of the cooperation of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr and the predominantly Sunni al-Faruq Brigades, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote from al-Basrah.


Battles continue late into Friday night in and around al-Basrah.


In a dispatch posted at 11:09pm Mecca time, the al-Basrah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that fighting continued in that city in different places and intermittently on Friday.  Battles were under way, he wrote, on the Safwan Road south of al-Basrah and also in the area of Tannumah, east of the city.  A third battle zone was on the highway north of the city.  There were reports that gunfire was being exchanged between the Resistance and British aggressor forces on the road to al-Faw Peninsula as well.


The al-Basrah correspondent reported that the occupation forces had stormed three houses in al-Faw city using light and medium weapons and rocket-propelled grenades as well as 120mm and 82mm mortars and machine guns.




















Saturday, 21 August 2004.


US troops mass Saturday outside al-Fallujah.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday afternoon that US troops had massed heavily outside the city of al-Fallujah, to the north, east, and south on Saturday morning.  Meanwhile the Resistance mounted preparations for a possible attack, given that a 48-hour ultimatum from the US was about to expire on Saturday evening.  The Americans had demanded that the city expel the Resistance from its midst.


Resistance attacks US command posts near al-Fallujah.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a US command point north of al-Fallujah with 120mm mortars at 1:00pm Mecca time Saturday afternoon.


At 9:00am the Resistance had fired two rockets at a US command post in the al-Fallahat area west of the city.  In response, American tanks fired six tank shells in a concentrated barrage.


US fires rocket at al-Fallujah at noon Saturday.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that at 12:15pm Mecca time the US fired a rocket at the industrial zone of al-Fallujah.


Three US soldiers killed in as-Saqlawiyah Saturday.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that three US solders were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded north of the city of as-Saqlawiyah, west of al-Fallujah.  The incident occurred when a US foot patrol was near a center for the puppet so-called “civil defense forces” in the city.


Five US troops killed in Resistance attack on supply convoy near ar-Ramadi.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday night that Resistance forces attacked a US food supply convoy guarded by several Humvees near ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  Five US troops were killed in the attack, that took place at 9:30am Saturday in the area known as Kilometer 35.  The Resistance fired rocket-propelled grenades at the orange LBL, destroying one truck and killing two US soldiers.  Three other US troops were killed when an escorting Humvee was destroyed.


Puppet police official assassinated in ar-Ramadi.


Resistance fighters assassinated Lieutenant Colonel Sa‘d Samir ad-Dulaymi, the crime fighting chief in the puppet police station in ar-Ramadi.  A spokesman said he was killed outside his house in the ad-Dubbat neighborhood on his way to work when masked men opened fire on him then escaped the scene.


Heavy fighting around al-Habbaniyah on Friday reported.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that fierce fighting had erupted between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US aggressor troops in the area of al-Habbaniyah on Friday.  He reported that the Resistance inflicted heavy losses on the US invaders.


US troops evacuated all those in the vicinity of the fighting in which the Resistance used rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.   The Resistance attacks caused the Americans to loose their balance and they began storming houses in the course of which they killed three civilians and wounded 20 others.  The Americans also arrested fuel station guards in the area on the pretext that they had been involved in the fighting with the Resistance in that operation.


Resistance bomb kills three Americans in western Baghdad.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday evening that three US aggressor troops were killed in an Iraqi Resistance bombing west of Baghdad at about 7:30pm.  The attack occurred in the ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood and destroyed a Humvee as well as killing the men.


Resistance pounds US “green zone” headquarters in Baghdad.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday evening that Iraqi Resistance fighters fired five Grad rockets at the US headquarters that they call “the green zone” in the Republican Palace compound in Baghdad.  The correspondent indicated that the attack took place at about 8pm Saturday evening and targeted the headquarters of a number of specialists or US troops.


Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that they saw nine vehicles transporting dead and wounded from the attack.  A Black Hawk helicopter with a red cross emblazoned on it also took off towards Saddam International Airport, a major US base.


Fighting reported Saturday night in Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday night that violent battles broke out between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and US aggressors in around the Street on the Canal near to the area of the capital called Madinat as-Sadr.


Thick black clouds of smoke enveloped the area of the attack indicating that US vehicles were hit.


US admits two American soldiers killed, three wounded near Samarra’ Friday.


The US aggressor command of the 1st Infantry Division admitted Saturday that two American soldiers were killed and three others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb blast near the city of Samarra’.  Reuters reported the Americans as saying that the attack occurred at 5:55pm Friday as a US patrol was passing.  The spokesman said that the condition of the three wounded troops was as yet unknown.


Three Polish soldiers were killed, others wounded in bombing near al-Hillah Saturday.


Three Polish aggressor troops were killed and others wounded in two separate attacks in al-Hillah Saturday.  Reuters reported that Polish news television reported on Saturday that one Polish aggressor soldier was killed and six others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded next to their convoy near al-Hillah in southern Iraq Saturday.


One of the wounded men was believed to be in serious condition.  All six wounded Poles were taken to hospitals in Karbala’ and Baghdad.


An hour after the death of the first Polish aggressor, an Iraqi Resistance bomb killed two Polish invader troops eight miles northeast of al-Hillah, according to a source in the Iraqi puppet police.  CNN reported the police source as saying that the blast also wounded some Iraqis.


Puppet soldier killed in Mosul Resistance bombing Saturday.


A spokesman for the Iraqi puppet police in Mosul Saturday admitted that an Iraqi Resistance bomb in the city killed one member of the puppet so-called national guard and wounded three others – two guardsmen and one person described as a “civilian.”  The blast occurred as a “national guard” convoy passed at 12:15pm in the western part of the city.


Iraqi Resistance blows up mail oil pipeline south of al-‘Amarah.


The Iraqi Resistance blew up and set fire to the main oil pipeline south of al-‘Amarah.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that a Resistance group in the city has cut the road to truck traffic bringing goods from the port in al-Basrah province to the rest of Iraq.


On Thursday the Oil of the South company admitted that Resistance activity in an-Najaf forced them to keep the main oil pipeline shut down for the 10th straight day, cutting oil exports in half.  In addition all exports to the north are virtually permanently shut down by Resistance activity there.


Four blasts shake an-Najaf early Saturday morning.


Eyewitnesses reported that four powerful blasts shook an-Najaf Saturday morning.  Reuters reported that fighting between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and US aggressors followed the explosions.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that one male and one female British soldier were killed in the as-Sa‘i neighborhood in al-Basrah at about 2:10pm Saturday, Mecca time.  The correspondent reported that the two Britons were riding in a GMC vehicle – a type usually used by British intelligence officers – when the Iraqi Resistance fired a rocket-propelled grenade at them, destroying their car and killing them instantly.


Jaysh al-Mahdi shells US base near an-Najaf.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday afternoon that the Jaysh al-Mahdi attacked a US base named Simuk outside an-Najaf at 1:10pm Mecca time.  Clouds of black smoke arose after the shelling, indicating that the Resistance rockets scored direct hits on US targets.


Midnight fires rage in an-Najaf after US attacks.


After days of fighting a massive fire broke out in the south of an-Najaf according to eyewitnesses quoted by Reuters late Saturday night.  The fire followed a number of explosions and gunfire as US aircraft prowled the skies over the area.  Jaysh al-Mahdi fighters are holed up in the southern part of the city.  Intermittent fighting was reported in the city during the day, Saturday.























Sunday, 22 August 2004.


US reported massing troops for new offensive on al-Fallujah.


In a report posted at 12:55am Monday morning 23 August 2004, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that it appeared that US forces were intending to launch a new offensive on the city as American columns and troops were massing in the vicinity, after leaving Baghdad in strength and heading west on the highway to al-Fallujah by way of ar-Ridwaniyah.  It is believed that they headed to Abu Ghurayb and al-Fallujah.


Al-Fallujah was sealed off Sunday morning from access to the outside world by a US blockade, another strong suggestion that the US intends to launch an offensive.


US besieges al-Fallujah, prevents relief supplies from the city from going to an-Najaf.


According to the newspaper al-Khalij, a large number of al-Fallujah residents reported Sunday morning that US aggressor troops had encircled the city completely and have been preventing the departure of trucks that were set to leave al-Fallujah to bring relief supplies to an-Najaf.


The supplies of food were donated by al-Fallujah residents for their brothers in an-Najaf and the Madinat as-Sadr area of Baghdad, both in states of uprising against the US invaders.


At the same time, American aggressors have been stepping up their attacks on al-Fallujah to distract the people from aiding other cities.


US military admits four Marines killed in al-Anbar Saturday.


The US military occupation announced on Sunday that four Marine invaders were killed in a reconnaissance unit during various combat incidents in al-Anbar Province on Saturday.


Two killed, three wounded in Resistance bomb on road to Saddam Airport.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at 6:45am Baghdad time on the road between Saddam International Airport and the town of ash-Shu‘lah as a US patrol made up of Humvees was passing.  The blast destroyed one of the vehicles and knocked another out of commission.


Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that the attack also killed at least two people, and wounded at least three.


Resistance fires two Tariq rockets at Saddam International Airport.


According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two powerful Tariq rockets at the US base in Saddam International Airport Sunday night.  As usual, the Americans released no information on damage or casualties resulting from the attack.


Clashes late Sunday night break out on Hayfa Street in Baghdad.


Minor armed clashes erupted on Hayfa Street in Baghdad at around 11:30pm Sunday night according to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  There were no reports on US casualties.


Resistance car bomb explodes in Mosul.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded in the al-Islah neighborhood of Mosul on Sunday.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported the incident on the authority of “privileged sources” but offered no further details.


Resistance bombards “green zone” with Grad missiles.


According to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam Iraqi Resistance forces fired four powerful Grad rockets at 11:00am Sunday morning at the US headquarters in what the Americans call the “green zone” – the Republican Palace compound in Baghdad.  Powerful explosions were heard from inside the compound and warning sirens wailed.  As usual, however, the US aggressors imposed a blackout on all information about their losses inside the high security area.


Resistance fires Grad missiles at al-Muthanna airbase Sunday night.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday evening that Iraqi Resistance fighters at 9:30pm Mecca time Sunday fired two powerful Grad missiles at the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad.  Clouds of black smoke rose over the compound, indicating that the Resistance had scored direct hits.  Warning sirens wailed in the wake of the Resistance attack on the US base.


Five Americans killed and six wounded in Baghdad fighting Sunday night.


In a dispatch posted at 10:35pm Mecca time Sunday night the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Iraqi Resistance and US aggressor troops had been battling in the al-Hurriyah district of Baghdad during the night.


The fighting broke out at 10:00pm Mecca time on the road from the al-Hurriyah area to the al-Kazimiyah area, also in Baghdad.  The Resistance fighters destroyed two US Humvees with their rocket-propelled grenades.


Eyewitnesses reported that five Americans were killed in the attacks on the Humvees and six others wounded.  The fighting was still raging as the correspondent filed his report.


Iraqi Resistance car bomb kills two in attack on puppet officials near Ba‘qubah.


An officer in the Iraqi puppet police reported Sunday that an Iraqi Resistance car bomb blew up near a convoy carrying Iraqi puppet officals north of Baghdad killing two and wounding eight.  According to Reuters the officer reported that the attack occurred in the town of al-Khalis, 20km north of Ba‘qubah.  The target of the attack apparently was Ghassan al-Khadran, deputy governor of Ba‘qubah appointed by the US aggressors.


Puppet forces kill each other by mistake.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday that one Iraqi puppet security soldier was killed and another wounded by gunfire from the puppet so-called national guard in the southern city of an-Nasiriyah.


The two casualties were members of a force charged with guarding oil installations in southern an-Nasiriyah.  During the night they were pursuing an unidentified car when they came near an outpost of the puppet “national guard”.  The puppet guardsmen, who did not know what was going on, opened fire on the puppet security car, killing the one security soldier and wounding the other.


Jaysh al-Mahdi storms al-‘Amarah prison, frees all prisoners.


Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen stormed the central prison in al-‘Amarah city, releasing all the prisoners according to a BBC dispatch.  Eye witnesses reported that the Jaysh al-Mahdi exchanged gunfire with members of the local puppet police guarding the facility, then they blew up the main gate to the building and brought out the prisoners, some of them charged with bearing arms against the occupation and Iraqi puppet police.


Ahmad ash-Shaybani, a spokesman for Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, announced at midday Sunday that the plan to hand over control of the tomb of the Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib had been postponed indefinitely, according to a report by Agence France Presse (AFP).  The announcement followed difficulties that supporters of as-Sadr encountered in talks on the subject with supporters of Shi‘i religious authority ‘Ali as-Sistani, known for a pro-American stance.


Blast shakes an-Najaf Sunday morning.


A powerful blast shook an-Najaf early Sunday.  Reuters reported US military aircraft fired their cannon at the Jaysh al-Mahdi positions in the city.  Witnesses reported mortar fire, automatic weapons and other forms of gunfire and explosions as US troops battled Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the militia attacked the local rapid deployment puppet police force station with rockets, and that fire was seen rising from the structure.


Four blasts shake an-Najaf late Sunday night.


Eyewitnesses reported that four explosions shook the city of an-Najaf late on Sunday night.  Reuters reported that US AC130 military airplanes were crisscrossing the skies over the city.


Meanwhile a spokesman for the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia reported that the wall of the Imam ‘Ali mosque had been damaged by US gunfire on Sunday night.  Ahmad ash-Shaybani, a senior spokesman for Muqtada as-Sadr, said that the damage occurred during fighting.


Jaysh al-Mahdi slams Americans, puppet troops with 40 Katyusha rockets.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday night that the Jaysh al-Mahdi pounded a concentration center for US aggressor forces and the Iraqi puppet troops outside the city of an-Najaf with some 40 Katyusha rockets.


Jaysh al-Mahdi destroys six US tanks Sunday morning outside an-Najaf to let in humanitarian supplies blocked by the Americans.


Late Sunday night the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Jaysh al-Mahdi destroyed six American tanks on the highway between al-Kufah and an-Najaf Sunday morning.  The correspondent wrote that the six tanks had been blocking a supply line needed by the Jaysh al-Mahdi on the road to an-Najaf.  After the American tanks were taken out, all the supplies were able to get in to the city’s defenders and population safely, having been prevented from doing so by the US aggressors.


Jaysh al-Mahdi forces completely control the city of al-Kufah, but US troops encircle an-Najaf completely and prevent any sort of humanitarian assistance from getting in to the city.


The correspondent reported that the situation in an-Najaf was still under the control of the Jaysh al-Mahdi after midnight Monday morning, with fighting limited at that point to old areas of the city.  US ground troops call in air cover and mortar fire to protect them and to attack the positions of the Jaysh al-Mahdi making it look like the US forces were in control of the city, when the fact is to the contrary.


Oil pipeline remains shut down on Sunday.


A spokesman for the Oil of the South company announced on Sunday that the occupation-installed regime was keeping the main oil pipeline shut down again Sunday to prevent its being targeted by Iraqi Resistance forces.  Reuters reported the company official as saying that reports that export had resumed were not correct, and that the pipeline was still shut down, and that nothing had changed.


The Resistance has virtually shut down all export of Iraqi oil out of the country to the north and the south through a determined campaign of attacks.  The campaign is aimed at preventing the US aggressors from exploiting the natural resources of the Iraqi people.