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شبكة البصرة منبر العراق الحر الثائر
The Arab Baath Socialist Party : A statement to our dignified people' masses concerning the disastrous life conditions endured by our people and the Occupation feverish attempt to continue occupying our homeland and looting our petrol riches.


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism 


A statement to our dignified people' masses concerning the disastrous life conditions endured by our people and the Occupation feverish attempt to continue occupying our homeland

and looting our petrol riches.


Our intrepid people' sons and daughters!

Whatever the US bloodthirsty occupiers and their Zionist, and pagan Iranian and their servile stooges desperately do to maintain  their occupation and to continue slaughtering our dignified people' sons and daughters, through starvation and the loot and plunder of their riches and mainly their petrol wealth, the Resistance Mujahideen will go ahead with their epical Jihad against the US occupation, inflicting the invaders more human, financial and material losses.. Yes ! Indeed! The Occupations Media' high priests try hard to conceal these losses according to a well organized Media plan,  which  declares only the minimum of their losses. Every one knows, and mainly witnesses on the terrain, that the US officially announced number of the  soldiers killed by the Iraqi glorious Resistance doesn't even represent the fifth of the real US losses in Iraq.. This is why they try hard to conceal them and impose a blackout on the operations of the heroic Iraqi Resistance which taught them the bitterest of defeats during the last three months.. Iraqis citizens, know pretty well that from 800 operations, the defeated bloodthirsty US only spoke about forty despite the shattered bodies of tens of his soldiers and  mercenaries and his humiliated burned equipment killing every one in them all over the Jihadi battle fields on the sacred land of Iraq. 


This is a Media psychological war to lure people that the Resistance is waning and things are  improving.. In the meantime their soldiers continue to die and even continue to commit suicide in largest numbers..as predicted the leader martyr Saddam Hussein may the lord have mercy on him.


Our persevering people sons and daughters!

In the long serie of defeat endured by the bloodthirsty US thugs- occupiers, the criminal Bush administration increased its pressure..on Maliki puppet government to go ahead with what this administration calls the national reconciliation in a desperate bid to camouflage its defeats through this ridiculous cover up and help the stooges, hide their deep divisions. The stooges choir whores insult and fight each other to gain the US Occupier master blessing, and help to keep them in power to go on looting and plundering our riches and starving our populations imposing higher prices on petrol products and reducing their bare minimum. Thus our people continue to suffer from the lack of the simplest services such as electricity, water and from terrifying rates of unemployment. In the same time the puppet government clique never stops stealing and traveling overseas and competing to stay away from the green zone the longest possible for health problems, just like end of times' emperors : (Talabani, Barzani,  Hakeem  and Maliki) .. staying in the biggest US, Brit, Austrian, Iranian and Zionist Entity hospitals as if they were on vacations...and continuing their masquerade tripartite and quadripartite alliances in order to amputate Kirkuk and annex it to their US, Mossad, British and Iran run Kurdish "region"..  But this will not go on as they dream..


Our Mujahid Arab nation sons and daughters!

While the US stooges go on fighting each other, the US and Iran continue playing their game on the detriment of Iraq and try hard to arrange the fourth meeting between them. This meeting was prepared by the CIA announcement  that Iran has stopped its nuclear weapon program since 2003 and by the US-Iranian relation link Aziz al Hakeem who met with Kissinger the known liquidator of the Palestinian cause.  This shows the Iranian increasing role in Iraqi internal affairs, Iran becoming the second occupier of Iraq after the US.


While the US, Iran stooges are stupidly watching what is going on without moving a finger, abandoning Iraq wealth and destiny in the US beast mouth for decades to come signing long terms petrol and security agreements to guarantee their grip on the power.. these are unaware that the Iraqi people has had enough with them and that the Iraqi persevering masses reject these stooges who are at the roots of the suffering, starvation, unemployment and diseases the Iraqis endure.. 


Starving the Iraqis and attempting to humiliate them through a state of affairs and an environment where the citizens have not even the minimum conditions of life.. with no electricity, no water, no fuel; used by the occupiers  in an attempt to enslave the Iraqi people and force it to abandon its honorable support for the glorious Iraqi Resistance to isolate it and to tear it down.. But the heroic Iraqi people which gave birth to the greatest Resistance in history will never ever abandon its armed Resistance for this Resistance is the vanguard of the liberation of Iraq and will stay as the banner for the Arab honor and the only legitimate and sole representative of the people of Iraq.


Long live the Iraqi armed revolution as a mean for liberation from both colonialism, the US' and the pagan Iranians' '!

Long live the Iraqi forces national unity and in particular the unity of the armed Resistance!


Glory and triumph for our Mujahid people!

Death for the occupiers, for the stooges and for the traitors!


Iraq Leadership

Iraq Culture and Information Bureau

The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,

Iraq  end of January 2008

Baghdad, Martyr Saddam Hussein's Capital City



Bloodthirsty US thugs.. If things are improving in Iraq why all your allies of the killing, and in the first place the

Brit pigs are abandoning you and cutting and running..?




*Translated by Abu Assur, al-moharer