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Tam Dalyell Esq                                                                                             Harry Cohen Esq MP

(Former Father of the House)


Ref: 104.10.08


29th October 2008




Dear Editors of Tuesday 28th October 2008,


Your feeble report on the plight of the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Mosul is not only 5 years too late but lacking in clarity and objectivity.  This process has been ongoing since 2003 in Basrah and Baghdad while the MNF allowed the Badr Brigade and Sadar militia to conduct their atrocities with impunity as long as they do not point their guns towards the occupier.


Equally the Warlords Talibani and Barazani were allowed by the MNF to extend their land grabs in order to extend their de facto separate northern enclave at the expense of non-Kurds inhabitants of the region particularly in Kirkuk and Mosul.  Surely your reporter could not expect to conduct these interviews with the fleeing Christian families in the presence of his security, which undoubtedly was drawn from the Warlords clan.


However, to seek the facts and objectivity there is ample evidence in support of the above in Syria, Jordan and Turkey worthy of extensive report instead of allowing a few minutes of R4 airtime on a tragedy of immense historical interest. 


Kind regards,

Riad El-Taher