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A historical message from the Mujahid Izzat Ibrahim to the Arab Summit in LybiaThe full text of the historical speech of the Mujahid Commander of Jihad and Liberation Izzat Ibrahim Al Duri.


A historical message from the Mujahid Izzat Ibrahim to the Arab Summit in Lybia

The full text of the historical speech of the Mujahid Commander of Jihad and Liberation Izzat

Ibrahim Al Duri.


Brother leader Muammar Al Qadhafi the President of 22nd Arab summit

Brothers kings, presidents and princes, members of the Arab summit.


I greet you with the greetings of Arabity and its eternal message Islam.. and I say: peace be upon you and the grace of the Lord and His blessings.


Your great Iraq with its dignified people, its glorious history and its millenia old civilization, which shone all over the world and with what this country's tremendous energies, capabilities, and creativities .. Iraq always stood by the side of the Nation.. with every mean.. leading its every step to achieve its pride, dignity, freedom and independence. Iraq stood with you in every single historical great and grave turning point and throughout the four last decades.. when he offered on the altar of the Nation freedom, its liberation, its independence and its unity.. the greatest and dearest sacrifices .. until Iraq offered what you have seen and known today. Iraq sacrificed his revolutionary, patriotic believer leadership.. Iraq has offered more than one hundred and twenty seven thousands of his revolutionary, patriotic, vanguard, believers knights.. as martyrs! Iraq offered more than one and a half million from his pure sons and daughters during the last seven years of his battle against the invaders-occupiers in the battle of liberation, and independence. Iraq offered too.. millions of displaced, and refugees .. His civilization edifice was completely and utterly destroyed.. Today there is no signs of life in our homeland Iraq, and Iraq is still offering with a rare generosity in the history of the Nation and shall always do for its liberty and its independence until the utter and deep liberation, to return back to the bosom of its Nation as it always has been throughout its history as a vanguard for the struggle for freedom, unity and a better future.


Brothers, members of the meeting !

The sacrifices Iraq gave were a price for his stands on the freedom and the independence of the Nation and its Jihad. The dearest sacrifices Iraq gave were a price for its heroic stand confronting and destroying the Safawide Persian terror campaign against the Nation.. safeguarding its pride and dignity . The sacrifices Iraq offered were a price for its courageous stand on beloved Palestine... The dearest sacrifices Iraq offered were a price for its Arab, Islamic, and human identity and for its renaissance project. The sacrifices Iraq offered were the price for its heroic stand against the Zion stained imperial cupid intentions and against the Safawide Persian evil plan for the Nation. And let me tell you now and through you the Nation and our Arab sons and daughters throughout the homeland and the whole world and in particular the invaders-occupiers, their allies and their collaborators.. that we the sons and daughters of Iraq and its glorious people, the grand children of Ali and Hussein, (may the Lord bless them), the grand children of Saad, Khaled and Muthanna, the grand children of Al Qa'qa', Salah Ul Din and Qutaiba.. We the sons and daughters of Iraq the people of old  and glorious civilizations.. We the civilization which invented the Alphabet and taught humanity how to write and how to read, invented the wheel, established a science basis which is the foundation of the modern human civilization... we tell you that we are satisfied with what we have given to the Nation, furthermore we are even enchanted with dignity and pride with what we granted to the Nation and to Humanity and with what we resolved to give and to achieve for our Nation throughout its struggle and Jihad until reaching our objectives for liberation and freedom, be united  for a better future.


On the other hand, we are not at all happy with your stand concerning the glorious and noble people of Iraq and in particular when you gather in your meetings..you emptied of their contents and stripped them from their noble fundamental objectives. These gathering were supposed to express courageous stands and take audacious decisions on behalf of the Nation and its people and use every energy and means to defend its fundamental principles and existence.


Brothers, members of the meeting !

For seven whole years of the occupation of Iraq, Iraq glorious and great people stood up for the battle enduring its horrors on its own, with no one help and nobody's support but with those of the almighty God and the heroic patriotic, national and Islamic Resistance. Iraq endured this battle, besieged and guess by whom ? Iraq was alas besieged by those who regarded Iraq as their strategic and principal depth in every patriotic, national, religion, human and ethical criteria. Iraq has been and still is besieged by the official Arab regimes except the very few ones.


Some of the Arab rulers want even to add to the siege and the suffering, putting all their country' capabilities to service the Occupier and his stooges. While you brothers you know pretty well that the people of Iraq has confronted the mightiest and the most ferocious barbarian, chauvinistic, crusaders, bloodthirsty invasion in the history of humanity; an invasion led by the only super power on earth the US imperialism and with the global mass destruction, and murder means it holds, helped by the international Zionism and its monstrous and bastard tool Israel, all the old and new colonialisms backed by Iran, this neighbor of every evil, hatred, and hostility against the Arab Nation, and against its history and its message. Iran indeed facilitated the occupation of Iraq and granted every help to destroy its renaissance and its civilization. Twenty eight armies entered Iraq led by the only super power and the army of the Great Britain. More than fifty countries participated officially into the invasion of Iraq.. You did see brothers, and you did hear how the glorious people of Iraq triumphed and crushed the invaders, made their armies flee and curse their leaders.. British criminal Blair has been taken to court..for involving his country in this horrible crime against humanity. Bush too will be tried if his country stays longer in Iraq, getting like a sitting duck the blows of the glorious patriotic Iraqi Resistance which is bleeding the resources of the US and inflicting it daily great losses.


So you can see, brothers, there is no one left in Iraq today except some US imperial terrified and demoralized army rabble withdrawn from the battle arenas to bases, they think, secure .. for they are not capable to get out of their spiders' holes unless under an extremely preset plan and protected by huge numbers of armed puppets. This great people has put to their knees in the honorable land of Iraq, all these armies and in particular the army of the only super power, . The Resistance, God willing shall continue to hammer the heads of the US soldiers in these bases, day and night. We shall intensify and develop every means to crush them and to destroy their will until they cut and run, debased, vilified clad with shame and dishonor, with the might of the Lord and His almighty will.


Brothers members of the Meeting.

The invading US imperialism, its allies, stooges and puppets and its Zion stained administration have fallen into the mire of Iraq.. This Obama's administration, shall fall too with the will of the Lord if it doesn't learn its lessons, due to the blows of th great Iraqi People and its heroic Resistance. The people of Iraq and its glorious Resistance have prevailed militarily, economically, in the Media field and ethically and there is nothing left for the Occupier today in our homeland but his fake political process, his puppets and stooges and in particular the Safawide Iran and its vile agents.


Consider by yourselves.. the US is no more the only super power and the only pole in comparison with when it entered Iraq as an occupier and colonialist.. Today the US, to achieve whatever political or intelligence plan, begs Iran's and its agents' help.. while Iran every single day in Iraq, slaps the US on both right and left cheeks.


Get to know too, that the military choice has collapsed and fallen and that the US imperialism shall never undertake such an adventure neither in Iraq nor outside Iraq and for a long time.. Know also that the US in Iraq is not able to remove a stone without Iran's agreement and which goes against Iran's interests in Iraq and in the Nation.. and that the US offered Iraq to Iran on a golden platter according to a strategy to share the loot and interests in Iraq and in the region, the US accepting the facts and surrendering to its partner Iran in their mutual crime, and accepting what the political process and its stooges achieve with Iran's blessing and its agents' collaboration.


Brothers attending the meeting.

Our sacred objective today, with your support and that of our Arab people and the people of good will around the world, is to crush the invaders who brought Iran and other than Iran and expel them from our homeland. Let me tell you and listen : Iran shall not quit Iraq, but it will swallow Iraq and start to devour you if the US is not expelled; for the US is the head of the snake and it is the one who gave Iran every help in Iraq and still does. Listen too..the Iranian plan today and under the US umbrella is knocking on your doors, all of you without an exception, if you don't overcome the US complex as a protecting superpower.. The US has collapsed in the quagmire of its invasion, aggression and crimes and is nothing but a harmful and useless idol.


Brothers attending the meeting.

This is our situation today.

It is time, after all what happened to Iraq and to its people which quelled, crushed and dwarfed the forces of invasion and aggression, I say it is time that your Summit get together and take an outstanding resolve from the land of Omar al Mukhtar, the leader of the early Jihad to liberate and free the Nation to achieve the pride and the dignity for Libya and its Arab revolutionary, glorious people.. It is the time to take a historical stand satisfying the Lord which shall be recorded for the generations to come as a good deed, and when you shall stand within His hands when no money nor a multitude of children shall be of any help except a sound heart. Your stand will be a pride for us and for the people of Iraq the people of heroism and wonders. This is a rare and unique opportunity you must seize. Look around you and see how the other nations take opportunities and invest to safeguard their freedom and independence and achieve the interests of their peoples while they are fewer than us in numbers and resources consider Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, Iran, Turkey, and Russia.

This a historical opportunity for our Nation provided and made easy for you, by the people of Iraq and its glorious heroic Resistance. You whom the Lord granted responsibility to safeguard the Nations' sacrosanct values and supreme interests, guardians of its freedom, independence, and the unity of its march towards civilization.

The people of Iraq, brothers, with its patriotic, and Islamic Resistance demands from your summit to day, to take a historical, decisive, courageous and noble stand where you declare to the world, to the Nation and to its people' your resolve taking the following resolutions :


Resolution number one : to recognize the Iraqi patriotic armed and non armed Resistance which is guaranteed by every international conventions and decrees and every celestial laws..as a legitimate and sacred right for peoples and nations whose countries are occupied and whose peoples are colonized by the forces of adulterous aggression and tyranny.


Resolution number two : to expel the representatives of the Occupation illegitimate authority according to every international laws and conventions and invite the representatives of the Resistance to represent Iraq and its people in the Arab league and in every multilateral Arab meeting.


Resolution number three : cease every diplomatic relations with the occupier-invader and with its authority in Iraq and suppress every commitments born from these relations.


Resolution number four : activate the laws and the rules of the Arab league and mainly those concerning the mutual defense pact to help the people of Iraq, its armed Forces and its heroic Resistance to confront the US imperialism and its ally Iran and Iran's dangerous colonial Safawide plans.


Resolution number five : grant an immediate help to the people of Iraq threatened with genocide and help its widows, orphans and displaced..This is a national duty, it is a legitimate and human sacred duty towards the people of Iraq and towards the Nation.


Resolution number six : exercise every pressure on the US invader to stop backing Iran and its destructive plan, to withdraw immediately and to render Iraq to its people without playing around and shedding more innocent blood, be Iraqi or US.. Also you should know brothers and the world must know and in particular the deceived peoples of the US, that despite the restriction of the invasion forces within the streets, the roads and cities of Iraq and their hiding in fortified bases, every day they endure losses of killed and injured soldiers. All these operations are documented. The official Media doesn't talk about these Resistance operations against the US invaders and since the arrival of the Obama administration the US systematically conceals its casualties and exercise every pressure on the Media to ignore the Iraqi Resistance statements. In the meanwhile your Media mercenaries in the Arab countries, besiege too the statements of the Iraqi resistance operations.


Brothers kings, rulers and princes.

These are the rights of the Iraqi people over his Nation made known to your Meeting..We put them in your hands, in your today Summit. This is a historical and legitimate stand.. It is a stand you shall be taken to account for by the generations to come and in the day of judgment..


I greet some of the kings and the presidents who gave support to the people of Iraq and who, shaken by their Arab dignity and their Islamic faith, stood by the side of Mujahid and resisting Iraq when they saw what the invaders and their stooges have done to the people of Iraq. They didn't established any links with the occupation authority.. and I shall record their stand and that of their countries in letters written with gold in the book of our new glorious history.


I greet our Arab people all over the world and call upon them to exercise more pressure on the Arab regimes to stand by the side of the mujahid resisting Iraq and by the ordeal of its people.

My hope is great in you brothers kings, presidents and princes. And I know all of you and before defeating the invaders and the triumph of the Iraqi people and of its heroic resistance, we could understand the hesitation of some in amongst you and their worry or even their taking side with the invaders and their puppets because they were scared and terrified, today, deceit, manoeuvers, ruse and manipulation are no longer accepted towards Iraq.. the true witness and the utter judge being the people of our Nation in a time where the Iraqis write with their blood the pages of our history


Know also brothers and be reassured, and let the invaders know that we set up a Resistance capable of having every ability to continue the battle and enjoying every single factor to grow wider and stronger in numbers and equipment backed by the people of Iraq from the south to the north.. that the Resistance is growing in our beloved southern regions, terrifying the invaders and their stooges of Safawide Persian Iran and mainly in the regions of central Euphrates, in Hussein's Karbala. Karbala of sacrifices and redemption and its heroic brigades, "Al Tuff Brigdes" and in the Najaf of pride and dignity.. then in al Basrah and its brigades of Jihad, the Brigades of Zubair Ibn al Awwam and its army the Arab Army for the liberation of the South.. The coming days we will be battling the enemy on every single square inch of the land of Iraq.. If the invader wants to continue colonizing our homeland and backing the Iranian Safawide agents, we shall fight him and we shall pursue him even in his spider hole of an embassy.. We shall destroy his embassy over his head until he abandons his puppets, his cupid plans and his evil intentions and until he withdraws without any conditions or any restrictions.. We shall not be deceived by withdrawing his forces to reduce the losses which broke his backbone .. Our Jihad is a jihad until utter and complete liberation from any kind of hegemony, control and exploitation..


May the Lord give you success to achieve what He likes

and peace be upon you and the grace of the Lord and His blessings.


Your brother Izzat Ibrahim

The High Commander of the Jihad, Liberation and National Salvation Front (JLNSF)

The General Commander of the Armed Forces

27March 2010




Translated by Abu Assur