The Rape of Iraq

Razzak Alsheikhly (Stockholm; May 29, 2003).

America and Britain have lost the latest gulf war…..
all moral and wishful thinking they have ever fought for
Beggar nations which followed their footsteps and floor
for that matter …….
behaved not less than a cheap dirty whore

Bush, Blair, Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith
all were the source of deception, lies and undeniable hate
Lured the world by stunning words no one understood
Weapons of mass destruction, Saddam, liberation and likelihood

Washington, Jerusalem and London were the stages of the plot……
the truth was obscured, diverted and every path for peace was shut
United Nations podium was shamefully used to justify the assault….
hence the umbilical cord to the cradle of civilisation was savagely cut

Mesopotamia’s pride was deeply gashed in March nineteen
included Ur, Babylon and every valuable historical scene
The war was fiercely waged against the torn land of Iraq
ravaged the people’s soul and created great irreparable havoc

Cruise missile and smart bombs were dropped everywhere
damaged buildings, bridges, factories here and there
Killed and maimed innocent children and adults…….
also were cats, dogs and journalists seeking hypes and facts

As the bombing and war time went forth, needs less to say
the American army deep in Iraq easily found its way
Baghdad has unfortunately fallen without a single bullet shot
the world was stunned when the defender exposed his ugly butt

April nine was in history a remarkable day indeed
tears fell from everybody’s eyes in variable speed
Few were happy for the Yankee’s army arrival
The majority, however, worried for their own survival

Saddam’s statue in Paradise square was brought down by the Yankees
Few people hailed that event and I doubt if they were real Iraqis
They arrived there with the American’s tanks
Troublemakers they were and stinky as skunks

The Americans GI’s claimed they came to liberate the Iraqis
to give them freedom, security and all locks and keys
To liberate them from clean water, electricity and the use of medicine
to clean their souls, bodies and loyalty from all national sin

Looting, pillaging, assassination and burning was the hallmark of the occupation
planned in Kuwait, Jerusalem and Washington to be Iraq’s ultimate destination
For how long the misery and occupation would stay and stand
Will the liberation of Iraq is remotely distant or near at hand

Saddam and his large republican army disappeared from the scene
he was betrayed by the Arabs, Kurds and some of his kin
He promised he would expel the invaders and occupiers with vigour
defeating his defeat by destroying traitors and every unsuitable figure

The recent events in Falluja and Hit may be the start spark
for a long lasting war to rid the country of the current dark
to regain respect, the national pride and self esteem
to put Iraq and its national glory in the main international stream