Are the Occupying Americans Hiding Their Losses? Where is the Proof?


By: Dr. Fadhil Badran

Translated by  Al-Farooq Kassibawi


Even if the American Forces of Terror wanted to hide facts and manipulate the truth, there are certain unavoidable issues that have to be dealt with. The human losses that are recorded are the following:


1- The forces killed in front of people in public.

2- The ones killed in front of media representatives.

3- The bodies that take longer to be transferred and spend time in front of other troops.


All the rest of the casualties and declared injuries are dealt with in the following way:


They are first transferred to medical centers governed and protected by military intelligence and their colleagues are told that the injuries are serious or dangerous.


The bodies are secretly transferred to Germany or Qatar or another country in which they have a base and are frozen.


According to strict measures, the soldiers are forbidden to speak about their colleagues to their families or the family of the dead or injured troops. Their letters and emails are subjected to strict surveillance and censoring, as is any internet correspondence.


In some cases, where it is too complicated to transfer the body to Germany or Qatar , the military administration sees the necessity of declaring that the body was found in a river or was exposed to a heart attack and hence is not considered a war loss.


In cases where the dead soldier is a non-American casualty (green card applicants), the body is merely thrown into a mass grave inside one of the American camps.


There are other ways for the declaration of casualties without declaring war losses which include:


-Drowning in the river.

-Injury and death by fire.

-Death by car accident.

-Death by fever or unknown disease.

-Death by a stroke during sleep.


What is missing now is the proof of these theories and some proof has been found by our brothers at one of the sites. They located a mass grave in a camp field that the American soldiers left during a swift withdrawal from the area as a result of the anger of the people. They left the graves without being able to bombard them or hide them and you can see the pictures at the following sites:






So the proof has finally been found. All that remains is to find news agencies and individuals who will use this proof and these events to tell the world how the commanders of these soldiers wanted to bury them without anyone's knowledge. Will we find between the Arabs and Muslims people faithful enough to humanity to use this proof to expose the American command's terrorism in front of its nation and people. And by doing this he will serve his nation and religion.


All I wish is that you, our brothers and sisters, will write about this and acquaint the people at Arab sites and foreign ones with these pictures and facts and call for their investigation until the skeptics are faced with the power of proof.


Hopefully it will be carried out by Arabic news channels although they are controlled and scared by the American terror… but they are forgiven- most of their air time is full- with what? With the propaganda for the American and west weapons. And busy with the translation of Sharon's statements and its Zionists men… and busy with the replay of the shots of the capture of the old mujahid Saddam Hussein… and busy with the propagation of the crusader's news that the Gulf sheikhs lead for the noble Koran verses deletion related to the jihad and the defense for Allah's rights and the nation